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27 Times Laverne Cox Slayed Instagram

Bow. Down.

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1. When she was casually chilling with her Emmy award.

2. When she knew exactly how to strike a pose in front of this beautiful mural.

3. When she looked fierce AF while hanging out by a window.

4. When she puckered up with her fellow Orange Is the New Black co-star.

5. And when she showed even more love for her cast mates.

6. When she confessed her love for Paris.

7. When she took your breath away behind the scenes.

8. When she gifted you with this flawless close-up.

9. And this important quote.

10. When she looked beyond stunning in her pool attire.

11. When her winged eyeliner was totally on point.

12. When she wasn't sorry at all for being so damn beautiful.

13. When she posed in front of her Time magazine cover, which is everything tbh.

14. When her loose curls were basically a work of art.

15. When she exited the runway looking like a true QUEEEEEN.

16. When she teamed up with Mindy Kaling and it was A++.

17. When she gave you double the Laverne love.

18. When she showed off her podium realness while working her talents as a speaker.

19. When she reposted this important message.

20. When she rocked a catsuit and channeled Eartha Kitt.

21. When she gave you all kinds of squad goals here.

22. When there was a beautiful blue sky but all you wanted to do was look at Laverne.

23. When she celebrated her success and it made you so proud.

24. When it was almost impossible to tell Laverne and Beyonce apart???

25. When she gave you your daily dose of wisdom.

26. When she hung out with Barack and Michelle Obama, you know, NO BIG DEAL.

27. Finally, when she gave you major outfit envy with her weekly wardrobe.

Yasss Laverne, YASSS.

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