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21 Times Chris Hemsworth's Family Was Too Darn Cute In 2015

Please adopt me.

1. When Chris couldn't take his eyes off his amazing wife, Elsa Pataky.

Mark Davis / Getty Images

2. And when he also couldn't wait to make us all swoon with one kiss.

3. When their twin sons Tristan and Sasha were the epitome of cuteness in their baby seats...

4. ...and on a tiny li'l bike!

Instagram: @elsapatakyconfidential


5. When his brothers Liam and Luke turned up to support him during the Vacation premiere.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

6. When Chris shared a sweet moment with his daughter India Rose while filming The Huntsman.

7. When he posed with his parents and hilariously captioned the family photo with #wheresluke?

8. When you wished someone would look at you the same way Elsa looks at Chris.

Eduardo Parra / Getty Images

9. When they were both casually enjoying some down time but still looked damn great.

10. And when they romantically looked out into the distance while enjoying that boat life.

11. When Chris was all rugged up in a parka and looked cute as a button.

12. When the Hemsworth bunch proved that good looks really do run in the family.

13. When the twins held hands and made you want your very own set.

14. When Chris made your ovaries explode by being the sweetest dad possible.

15. When Elsa gave you mum goals by the beach...

16. ...and by a breathtaking stormy sky.

17. When Chris escorted India Rose across a polo field and you couldn't handle the cuteness.

18. When he showed his daughter some moves and made you want to take up yoga immediately.

19. And when they shared a moment sweet enough to melt your icy heart.


20. When Chris looked protective of his babies while they enjoyed the view.

21. And when he proved that you can balance dad life with everything else.

Thank you for the beauty that is your family, Chris.

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