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    26 Subscription Boxes For People Ready To Start A New Hobby

    It's time to level up. New hobby, who dis?

    1. IndieStitch ushers in a new hobby that will also expand your wardrobe. Each month, you'll receive a new pattern from an indie designer, and everything you need to turn your fabric into a new wardrobe staple.

    one of the indie stitch boxes

    2. Bloomin' Box wants you to finally start a little garden, and there's no time like the present. This subscription is suitable for novice planters to green thumbs, and will have you enjoying the fruits of your labor in no time.

    the Bloomin' Box kit

    3. Fearless Nail Art sends you cool things to maintain that mani. You've done such a good job keeping your nails together during quarantine, it's become your favorite pastime.

    a nail art kit from the box

    4. Scribbler wants to encourage writers to write more this year, and more importantly, to actually finish their projects.

    the box which includes writing themed gifts and books on writing tips

    5. The Adults & Crafts Crate adds a little fun back into your routine by sending a new craft project each month.

    the adults & crafts kit

    6. UnboxBoardom helps game night lovers who want to explore games beyond the store aisles. This subscription will send a board game to your doorstep, so you can wow the crew with a new game each month to keep your game nights fresh.

    a board game from the subscription

    7. Whisk Takers adds new tasty dessert recipes to your portfolio. Each month, a box of ingredients will be sent to your door with all the instructions you need to make your future fave dessert.

    8. Creation Crate sends boxes for techies looking for a hands on project that's not only fun, but educational too. Into robotics? Want to tackle engineering? Just choose the field that interests you and receive the corresponding project.

    The crate

    9. Boxwalla gives film enthusiasts, or avid book readers, unique novels and cinematic works to fill their shelves.

    10. Postmark'd Studio wants you to have everything you need to start your pen palling journey, or to stay in contact with friends and family the old-fashioned way.

    The box

    11. Home Made Luxe makes use of your DIY enthusiasm (remember all those pins you have saved on Pinterest of things you'd love to make for your home?). Each month this subscription sends you an easy DIY craft that'll become the newest addition to your home decor.

    a home made luxe promo photo

    12. FaceTory spoils your skin with nutrient-packed sheet masks...because 2020 has taught us that it's a good idea to keep a relaxing face mask handy.

    13. Yarn Bits helps anyone lookin' to get hookin' in 2021. This subscription will ease you into the world of crocheting one project at a time. Before you know it, you'll be creating your own one-of-a-kind pieces.

    the box with yarn and crochet hooks inside

    14. Comic Mystery Box sends you graphic novels each month to help you dive back into the comics and rekindle your love for some of your fave characters, or help you kickstart your collection.

    a spread of comic books

    15. SensiBox ships new gear to the artsy smoker who likes their equipment to be just as elevated as their lifestyle.

    the sensibox

    16. Do a Shot of Yoga helps you on your mind, body, and soul journey. This subscription is for yoga lovers or people looking to ease into yoga for the first time through curated boxes and a digital community for added support.

    the box contents that include a book a headband yoga mat wash a granola bar tea and other items

    17. Vinyl Me, Please is a monthly record club that helps you build your record collection with new music from your favorite genres.

    A collection of records, including "The Score' by the Fugees

    18. Puzzle Exchange rekindles your love for puzzles. The Puzzle Exchange will let you rent four or more puzzles each month. Once you're done putting them together, return them to get your new batch the following month.

    a completed Ravensburger puzzle

    19. Scrapbooking Store wants you to finally take those printed photos, collected ticket stubs, and other memorabilia, and put them in the scrapbook you bought four years ago. And now, you have a monthly reminder to help you with your scrapbooking projects and send you really cool sheets, too.

    scrap book papers and stickers

    20. KnitCrate is for fiber artists who are hooked on leveling up their craft each month.

    The kit

    21. Pipsticks sends you new stickers to add to your stationery stash every month.

    A past kit, which included paper goods, 15 sheets of stickers, and a holographic pouch

    22. Shaker & Spoon wants to help you up your mixology for your quarantine-is-over party (whenever that is) or maybe just your Instagram feed.

    The kit

    23. Matter earns you membership to the science club you've always wanted to join. Each month, you'll be able to geek over a handful of items that are all forms of matter.

    the box with science artifacts inside

    24. Hunt A Killer lets you channel your inner detective by giving you the chance to solve a crime.

    The kit

    25. Mystery Tackle Box embodies the saying, give a person a fish and you'll feed them for a day; teach a person to fish and you'll feed them for a lifetime. This box is for novice and expert fisherman looking to discover new lures, tackles, and techniques to further their fishing skills.

    the mystery tackle box opened showing the different baits, lures and tackles

    26. Finders Seekers turns a traditional game night into mystery night fun for the whole family.

    The kit

    Your new Saturday night:

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