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30 Reasons Being A Woman Is Awesome

Women live longer, get to wear more sequins, and are better communicators and leaders. In case you needed more reasons being a chick is great, here they are.

1. Women live longer.

2. Women are more likely to survive melanoma.

According to HealthDay, "women can expect a 30 percent better outcome than men following an early stage melanoma diagnosis."

3. Women have excellent communication skills.

While men speak more words in a day, they "have a weaker command of language in social situations, use the same words repeatedly and pay unconvincing compliments," research has shown. Meanwhile women have "superior communication skills" and use "a wider variety of words in social situations, while men struggled with their command of language."

4. Nancy Drew was a chick.

And she totally crushed the Hardy Boys.

5. Women enjoy a wide variety of wardrobe choices.

Ladies can show up to even formal occasions basically wearing bathrobes fastened with a button and it becomes "iconic."

6. Women are more likely to remember where they put the car keys.

And have clever pink and purple unicorn key covers for them.

7. Women don't have to sweat through a three-piece suit at a hot July wedding.

8. Multiple orgasms.

9. The feeling of a maxi skirt on the legs on a breezy summer day is the best.

10. Women don't have to wait as long to reach their sexual peak.

Sex feels best for women at age 28, polls show, while men have to wait til age 33.

11. Women are better leaders.

12. Women tend to enjoy a wide variety of hair styles and dyeing options.

13. Women wrote the most successful book franchises of our time.

Harry Potter, Twilight, Hunger Games, 50 Shades of Grey, etc.

14. Balding is seldom a major concern.

15. Sex toys for women sometimes beat the real thing.

16. Women own their feelings.

Sometimes with margaritas but whatever.

17. Women are more likely to survive critical accidents.

Research shows "for people 13 to 64… women were 14% more likely to survive than men in a critical accident."

18. Women are more likely to have graduated college by age 22.

19. Women remember nicer things.

Men are more likely to remember gross images and painful emotional experiences, while women are more likely to remember nice ones.

20. Women are less likely to have severe acne as teens.

Acne is caused by the androgen hormone, which is more prevalent in men.

(Evidently, women are also more likely to appear in more fun "face washing" stock images.)

21. The world's largest landowner is a woman.

Lewis Whyld/AFP/Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth II owns 6.6 billion acres of land worldwide in the U.K., Canada, and Australia along with the Falkland Islands and various other spots here and there. The second largest landowner is a dude, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, who owns a measly 547 million acres, or 12 percent of Elizabeth's haul.

22. Women look slightly less awkward in many ice dancing costumes.

23. No women had to wear these pants.

24. Car insurance is cheaper for women.

Partly because women are 50 percent less likely to have a DUI.

25. Only women can compete in rhythmic gymnastics.

Which is a really freaking fun sport that includes hula hoops. 'Nuff said.

26. David Guetta is not one.

27. Women pop stars have much more interesting outfits.

Lady Gaga v. Eminem.

28. Women can be famous for appendages without being athletes.

29. Women can wear their boyfriend's clothes.

It's much harder for a dude to wear his girlfriend's clothes, not just for style reasons but also size reasons.

30. And lastly, being a woman is great because Beyonce is one.


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