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30 Reasons Being A Woman Is Awesome

Women live longer, get to wear more sequins, and are better communicators and leaders. In case you needed more reasons being a chick is great, here they are.

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3. Women have excellent communication skills.

While men speak more words in a day, they "have a weaker command of language in social situations, use the same words repeatedly and pay unconvincing compliments," research has shown. Meanwhile women have "superior communication skills" and use "a wider variety of words in social situations, while men struggled with their command of language."


21. The world's largest landowner is a woman.

Lewis Whyld/AFP/Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth II owns 6.6 billion acres of land worldwide in the U.K., Canada, and Australia along with the Falkland Islands and various other spots here and there. The second largest landowner is a dude, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, who owns a measly 547 million acres, or 12 percent of Elizabeth's haul.



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