Dante Basco Revealed Which Of His Beloved Characters Would Win If They Fought Each Other And 12 Other Things We Learned About Him

    "You should want to be good more than you want to be famous."

    Dante Basco, best known for his roles as Prince Zuko from Avatar: the Last Airbender and Rufio from Hook, chatted with us about his work in Artificial FactionsThe Fabulous Filipino Brothers, and his experience as an Asian-American in the entertainment industry. Here's everything we learned:

    1. After 30 years in the industry, Dante believes his work has helped widen the scope and possibilities of what it means to be Asian in America.

    Dante Basco at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Visual Communication

    2. Dante was inspired by the on-screen actors and actresses that came into the industry before him, including Mako Iwamatsu and Cary Tagawa.

    3. Although he's played numerous roles that left a lasting impact, he can't choose a favorite role that he's played.

    4. You may be surprised by who he believes would win if his characters had to battle each other.

    "It's got to be Jake Long. It's got to be the American Dragon: Jake Long. Like, he's a dragon!!! He's a dragon!!!!!!! And someone told me recently at a Con I believe they're like, you know, Rufio is so popular. And Zuko, obviously so popular. And they're like, don't forget you have an original Disney character. I'm like, Oh, yeah. Jake Long the American Dragon. And this person says, 'Jake Long is the first Asian American Disney hero. That's true.' And I was like, 'What are you talking about? So what about Mulan?' And she was like, 'No Mulan is from China.' I was like, 'Oh, you're right.' Jake Long the Mack Daddy Dragon of the NYC, he's the first Asian American Disney hero. So shout out to Jake Long! And he's a dragon! I think if he goes Dragon form, he’s taking everybody out."

    5. Through his newest film, The Fabulous Filipino Brothers, Dante was able to take on a new position by becoming a producer.

    6. Although The Fabulous Filipino Brothers may be the first time you've been introduced to Basco's brothers, they've been with him during his entire career.

    7. In fact, this film is so special because they are not only working with family, but it's inspired by familiar stories.

    8. Dante wants to keep the momentum of Asian filmmaking happening.

    "Download the movie, download the film, let's keep this whole momentum of Asian filmmaking happening. We’re at the highest-profile we've been as a community since the beginning of Hollywood. So this is the time for us to continue to make movies. And again, when I say make movies, it's not just us filmmakers making movies, it's our community making movies. So it's about the community also supporting the movies being made and keeping it moving forward. So the success of any movie leads to the making of the next film. And that's, that's important for the process."

    9. Artificial Factions, another one of Dante's newest projects, shows a new way of storytelling and the future of entertainment.

    10. Dante plays Zander Cruz in the Twitch series and he had a lot of fun playing a flamboyant playboy billionaire.

    11. In the future, Dante hopes to be a part of the MCU or the DC Universe, and we're rooting for him!

    12. His niece, Ella Jay Basco, was actually in DC's Birds of Prey with Margot Robbie.

    13. Dante co-founded Da Poetry Lounge (DPL), which is the largest, weekly open mic venue in the country, and created a poem to give advice for those who want to work in the creative industry.

    Watch the full interview here! (Note: interview starts at 4:50 mark.)

    Thanks for chatting with us, Dante! The Fabulous Filipino Brothers is available for download starting February 8th here, and you can watch Dante in the newest season of Artificial Factions here!