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    If You Work From Home, Check Out These 25 Things That'll Improve Your Setup

    Forever trying to figure out my home office sitch.

    1. A trio of hanging wall pockets that'll give you a little extra storage space. They're perfect for tiny apartments, especially if you don't have a very big desk.

    the before image of cluttered stationery laid out on a desk beside the after image of everything tucked away into the wall storage pocket

    2. A laptop stand that’ll do wonders for your posture. If you spend most of your day slumped over your laptop, do your neck the favour and get yourself an ergonomic setup already.

    3. A charming bust vase that'll give your desk an extra air of ~class~. You can use it for flowers, stationery, art supplies, or whatever else might clutter up your workspace.

    Two bust vases with flowers in them

    4. This 3-in-1 charging station that'll rid your desk of cluttered devices and tangled cords. Reviewers love how sleek it looks and that it can be separated in two for when they don't need to use the entire thing.

    A phone, airpods case, and apple watch charging together on the charging platform

    5. A desk shelf that'll help you take your home office organization to the next level. You can arrange it in five different ways, so you can configure it to whatever shape suits your workspace the best.

    6. A flexible mount that'll save your achy neck from constantly staring down at your phone. Just clip it onto the edge of your desk (or nightstand) for some sweet hands-free phone time.

    7. A metallic organizing rack that'll transform the pile of stuff on your desk. You can use it to display your journals, agendas, loose documents, or the novels you plan on reading next, too.

    The metallic rack with a book inside one of the slots

    8. A giant water bottle with time markers that'll motivate you to keep sipping, all day long. Reviewers love that it helps them keep track of how much they drink, and say it's especially helpful on busy days when they tend to neglect the little things (y'know, like drinking, eating, breathing, etc.).

    9. A trio of photo stands that'll add a little more ~pizzazz~ to your office decor than regular old picture frames. You can use 'em to display art prints, postcards, notes — you name it.

    Three hands in different positions holding up various cards, notes, and art

    10. A pair of blue light-blocking glasses that'll save you from a headache after long days of staring at a screen. Reviewers say these babies have even helped them get a better night's sleep, especially after wearing 'em during Netflix binges before bed.

    A person wearing the stylish, cat eye shaped anti-blue light glasses

    11. A pair of dry-erase calendars that'll help you keep track of your day-to-day deadlines. You’ll get two calendars: one for the whole month and one for your week, so you can finally start managing your time better.

    A person admiring their two fridge calendars while holding a dry-erase marker

    12. A wall-mounted storage rack that'll give you a little extra desk-top space, without having to commit to a full-on shelf.

    Two wall-mounted magazine racks with books inside

    13. A charging port that'll replace that dusty old power bar lying under your desk. It's equipped with surge-protecting technology, so you won't have to worry about blowing a fuse as you charge up to ten devices simultaneously.

    The charging port with a phone resting on top

    14. An adjustable standing desk attachment that'll work just as well as a full-on standing desk (at a quarter of the cost). It lowers down far enough that you can still use it while you sit, too.

    A person standing to use their computer which is placed on top of the standing desk attachment

    15. And a balance board that'll challenge you to stabilize your bod when you get bored of standing in front of your desk.

    feet standing on the balance board

    16. This two-tiered tray, so you can gather all the bits and baubles splayed over your desk and keep them in one place. You can also use it to display your favourite jewelry, which will definitely come in handy if your desk is also your vanity.

    The two-tiered tray on a desk with jewelry on it

    17. A pack of ultra-thin webcam covers, so you can have control over when your camera's exposed. They'll also do wonders to protect your camera from scratches, especially on iPads or tablets that don't close shut.

    A person using their laptop that has a webcam cover over their camera

    18. A mug warmer that'll save you from making the trip to the microwave every time you forget about your cup of tea. Reviewers say it's great to keep on their WFH desk and that it works great with large mugs, too.

    A mug heater next to a person using a laptop

    19. A cute clipboard that'll help you to keep those important letters, doctor referrals, and loose notes together (and out in the open where you can find 'em easily).

    A floral clipboard on a desk

    20. A lumbar support cushion that’ll give your spine the TLC it probably needs, without breaking the bank on a fancy office chair. Reviewers say it's a total game changer when it comes to improving their posture and alleviating back pain, making it a heck of a lot more bearable to sit in front of a screen all day.

    Someone sitting in an office chair leaning against the supportive back cushion

    21. A pair of wireless earbuds that'll help you tune out the world while you crush your work day. They even come with an app that'll figure out what frequencies sound the best to your ears, for the optimal listening experience.

    22. A simple home office desk that'll get you and your work junk off of your couch. Reviewers say it's the perfect thing if you live in a smaller space and don't want your workspace to spill into your entire apartment.

    A simple desk with a laptop and organizers on top

    23. Or this teeny-tiny laptop desk, because who am I to tell you to get off of your couch? It'll remind you to sit up every once in a while, or at least give you somewhere convenient to keep your cup of Joe.

    A laptop on the small desk over a couch

    24. A metal plant hanger that'll brighten up your home office decor, without taking up precious space on your desk.

    a plant inside of the hanging metal planter

    25. And finally, a cable management box that'll tame that tangled mess of cords beside your desk. It'll prevent dust from building up in the sockets and preserve the life of your power bars and chargers.

    A messy power bar before being put in the power cord box, and after, looking neat and tidy

    Just trying to make your WFH experience a little better than this:

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