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    If You Want To Support Canadian Artists, Check Out These 26 Pieces Of Art

    Your apartment will thank you, too.

    1. A pair of abstract nature prints that'll transform that blank wall you've been meaning to decorate. They're perfect for anyone with a minimalist style who enjoys muted colours.

    The pair of prints framed on a wall above a bed

    2. This intricate orchid illustration that'll let you display PEI's provincial flower, the lady's slipper. Reviewers love how detailed this artist's work is and say it makes a perfect gift, too.

    The black and white print of Lindsey Ross's illustration that displays PEI's provincial flower, the lady's slipper

    3. This metal mountain range that'll satisfy your adventurous tendencies. Reviewers rave about how much they love the cut and colour of it and say it's super sturdy, so it won't warp or bend over time.

    A metal mountain range against a wooden desk

    4. A custom song plaque that'll showcase your favourite tune. Reviewers say the process is super speedy and love that they can use their own photos as the album cover art.

    Brittany holding up a song plaque with Khruangbin's album Mordechai on it, showing the song Connaissais de Face

    5. This vibrant British Columbia travel poster that'll remind you of the great outdoors, even if you live in a city. Plus, you don't have to live in BC to appreciate how goshdarn beautiful it is.

    A vibrant print of BC's forested mountains with whales skimming across some water

    6. This detailed fish illustration that'll give you a taste of east coast living, where ever you may be. It's titled "A Day's Catch," which seems appropriate to me.

    Several cod fish hanging on a line

    7. This floral art print that is titled "Wild Resiliance," to symbolize one's ability to adapt and flourish through hardships — just like plants do.

    A symmetrical image of flowers and flora framed and sitting on a desk

    8. A retro bike print that'll display the Bianchi that cyclist Marco Pantani rode in the Giro d'Italia and the Tour de France. The artist ~impressively~ illustrated it to match the exact specs and colours of the actual bike.

    A colourful bianchi bicycle illustration

    9. A rustic wooden art piece that'll complement the timber accents in your apartment. It's handcrafted with new and reclaimed barn wood and arranged to display a geometric pattern.

    A geometric wooden art piece leaning against a wall

    10. This striking canoe print that, upon closer inspection, you'll notice also features a map of Winnipeg.

    11. This super-cute watercolour cat print that'll brighten up your desk, especially if you're a feline lover who shares an apartment with a ginger cat.

    A watercolour print of a cozy ginger cat

    12. An illustration of Montreal's infamous outdoor stairs that'll remind you of the city's interesting architecture. Reviewers love how unique it is and say it's the perfect piece to hang in an office or den.

    An illustration of Montreal's many outdoor stair cases

    13. A decorative coaster that'll prevent ring stains on your nightstand. Each one is handcrafted and unique, as well as heat resistant (so you can place your piping cup of tea down on it).

    Four circular coasters

    14. This creative map of Manitoba that's shaped by its river veins and lakes. Reviewers love that this piece allows them to celebrate the beauty and lifeforce of Manitoba's grand water systems.

    A map of Manitoba drawn only using its rivers and lake systems

    15. A stunning mosaic plate that'll completely change the aesthetic of your boring old coffee table. The artist has several different pieces with a variety of colour palettes and shapes, so you decide on what scheme best fits your current decor.

    A plate with colourful glass pieces that create a vibrant mosaic

    16. A customizable song print that'll display the lyrics of your number one track. It would be a super-thoughtful anniversary or birthday gift to give to someone, too.

    A print of song lyrics written in a circular pattern to create the image of a vinyl record

    17. This bright lil' planter you can suspend from your ceiling (or even hang off of a curtain rod). It doesn't have drainage holes, so it won't drip onto whatever surface you hang it over. Just make sure to place a few pebbles along the bottom to avoid sogging up your soil too much.

    A grapefruit-shaped planter suspended by rustic rope

    18. This botanical print of a western red cedar branch, which is the official tree of British Columbia. The artist has a collection for each Canadian province and territory's official tree, too, in case you were wondering.

    The Western Red Cedar branch illustration

    19. Your pet's portrait in watercolour, because your fur baby deserves to be celebrated 24/7. You can get up to four pets painted in one portrait, in case you have multiple critters and want to include 'em all.

    A person hanging up their pets portrait

    20. A map print of your favourite place in the world. Whether it's the town you were born in or the city where you met your significant other, it's customizable, so it's totally up to you.

    An example of the custom map print

    21. A quaint nature print that'll help you look forward to your next outdoor escape every time you gaze at it.

    A forest scene painted within a circle

    22. This historical photograph of Canada's oldest railway tunnel (before its recent restoration). It was taken in Brockville, Ontario, where the tunnel runs right beneath the downtown core.

    A photograph of Brockville's railway station in black and white

    23. This terracotta trio that'll add a little warmth to your space. They'll look lovely side by side, or separately dispersed throughout the rooms in your apartment.

    Three prints together as a series showing plant leaves and abstract shapes

    24. A map of Yellowknife that'll display your love and intrigue of the Northwest Territories. It's printed simply in black and white to appease even the most minimalist of aesthetics.

    A line drawing map of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

    25. This quaint photograph of Gaspe, Quebec that exhibits a serene image of a cabin overlooking the Gulf of St. Lawrence. If this doesn't entice summery memories or an urge to road trip through Quebec's tranquil scenery, idk what will.

    The photo of Gaspe in a frame next to a plant

    26. And finally, this hilarious Alien vs. Predator print that'll look 10/10 in your gaming or living room — especially if you're into sci-fi and chess.

    A funny print of Alien and Predator competing in a game of chess

    You, when your new art arrives:

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