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    34 Cuter Versions Of The Mundane Things You Use Everyday

    Warning: Some of these items may trigger cute aggression.

    1. This feline door stopper that'll be a heck of a lot cuter than the rubber wedge you're currently using. Reviewers say it's soft and plush, but heavy enough to keep a hefty door propped open.

    A cat-shaped door stopper holding a door open

    2. This retro Bluetooth speaker that'll do more than play your favourite tunes. It also has built-in games, an alarm clock function, and an app you can pair it with to create your own pixel screensaver.

    A person using the app to design their own screensaver

    3. An adorable soap dish that'll make you say, "look at that little face!" and "look at those little feet!" Aside from its undeniable cuteness, it also has drainage holes to make sure your soap doesn't get slimy and gross.

    4. This dachshund doormat that'll charm you (and your guests) everytime you enter your home. It'll also save you from a slippery mess on rainy days when your shoes are wet.

    A wide doormat by some shoes with a wiener dog on it

    5. A paper towel holder that'll look like a lil' pal is giving your roll a lil' hug! Reviewers say it's sturdy and that the felt lining along the bottom saves it from sliding around on their counter.

    A paper towel roll on a paper towel holder that has a little person on one side with its arms stretched around it like it's giving it a hug

    6. This 10-in-1 tool that is colour coded for ~fashion~ and ease of use. It's perfect to bring along on bike rides (you never know!) or for a quick fix that doesn't require busting out your entire toolbox.

    A person using the multi-purpose tool on their bike seat

    7. This heating pad (shaped like a sloth!) that'll help to ease your aches and pains. Just toss it in the microwave whenever you need a little extra warmth.

    A person hugging the sloth-shaped heating pad

    8. A trio of photo stands that'll add a little more ~pizzazz~ to your home decor than a regular old picture frame. You can use 'em to display art prints, postcards, notes — you name it.

    Three hands in different positions holding up various cards, notes, and art

    9. A pair of cylindrical holders that'll keep your toothbrush propped up and separated from your partner's. They'll save space and look adorbs on your bathroom counter.

    Three ceramic and cylindrical holders with a toothbrush in each

    10. This sheep-shaped storage container you can use to stash your cotton swabs, makeup pads, hair clips or other bits and bobs in.

    A person holding the sheep-shaped container filled with cotton swabs

    11. A set of clip-on weights that'll help to keep your tablecloth centred (or save it from blowing off of your patio table at your next BBQ).

    12. A pack of adhesive cable clips that'll keep your workspace neat and tidy. You can wrap longer cords around the bunny ears to even further prevent any tangling.

    four bunny ear cable clips on the side of a desk

    13. A set of bamboo bowls that'll give you every size you'll ever need, whether you're baking, snacking, or cuddling up to a cozy bowl of soup. They stack perfectly, so you can store 'em without taking up an entire cupboard.

    Seven bowls stacked inside one another

    14. A pair of self-watering plant bulbs that'll make sure your plant babies are taken care of, even if you forget to water them sometimes. They're especially great for out-of-reach hanging plants that are a pain to take down every day.

    A snail-shaped plant watering bulb

    15. A set of mini highlighters that'll have you looking forward to studying for your next exam. They come in a sealable bag that'll keep them separated from the rest of your stationery, so you can access them without digging through your entire pencil case.

    six pill-shaped highlighters with cute faces on the lids

    16. A leafy shower curtain that'll give your bathroom a total refresh. It has a weighted seam along the bottom, so you won't have to worry about it billowing out of your tub every time you take a shower.

    A cute patterned shower curtain

    17. A set of funky coasters that'll add a vibrant pop of colour to your coffee table. They're made out of soft felt that'll make sure your beverage won't leave ring stains behind.

    four coasters in the shapes of orange, watermelon, lime, and lemon slices

    18. A pair of reusable snack bags that are patterned with cute little foxes (!!!). They zip up, so they'll keep your treats secure and protected until you decide to eat 'em.

    Two fox-pattern snack bags of different sizes

    19. This endearing night light you can use when you're done with your overheads and just want to vibe with a soft glow. With just a tap, you can switch between different colours and lighting effects, too.

    A soft glowing lamp with a cute little face

    20. This eclectic cereal bowl that'll definitely show off your cat obsession. You can even use it as an upgrade for whatever your sweet familiar is currently eating out of, too.

    21. A floral clipboard that'll help you to keep those important letters, doctor referrals, and loose notes together (and out in the open where you can find 'em easily).

    A floral clipboard on a desk

    22. A table runner dotted with hearts that'll make your dining room feel wholesome as heck. Its cotton-poly blend is easy to care for — just throw it in the washing machine when it needs a refresh.

    The table runner dotted with hearts laying flat on a table

    23. This cactus ring dish that'll give you somewhere to stack your favourite bands. Reviewers say it's sturdy and great for keeping their jewelry organized.

    the cactus ring dish with four limbs to stack rings onto

    24. A set of magnetic bookmarks that'll save you from bending your pages and make sure you never lose the spot you left off on.

    25. A cork trivet that's both eco-friendly and stylish. It'll save your table from your sculding teapots and your counters from pans hot out of the oven.

    The cork trivet with a floral design on it next to a teapot and a cup

    26. This summery AirPods case that'll protect your buds and look cute as heck doing so. It has a little slot at the bottom that'll let you charge 'em up, without removing the case.

    A person holding the icecream-shaped, silicone airpods case

    27. This dainty porcelain bowl you can use to stash your most precious trinkets in. It's handmade in Montreal with details painted in 22 karat gold.

    A dainty porcelain bowl with a gold rim and an abstract flower painted on it

    28. A trio of whale-shaped measuring spoons that are so cute, they'll inspire you to take up baking. They stack perfectly inside one another, so they'll be a cinch to store in your cutlery drawer.

    The set stacked together and shown flipped upsidedown so you can see the TSP, TBSP, and half TBSP measurements written on each

    29. A metallic book rack that'll transform the pile of stuff on your desk. You can use it to organize your bullet journals, agendas, loose documents, or the novels you plan on reading next, too.

    A metallic and triangular book rack with nine slots

    30. A flexible cactus lamp that doubles as a pen holder. It's dimmable, so you can decide how bright you want it to be.

    The flexible lamp with a cactus cup at its base

    31. A non-slip shower mat that'll save you from nosediving into your tiles. Its underbelly is lined with suction cups, so it'll stick to the floor of your tub even when it's wet.

    32. This adorable humidifier you can keep next to your bed, on your WFH desk, or by your humidity-hungry tropical plants. It's whisper quiet, so it can be left on all night without disturbing your sleep.

    A cloud-shaped humidifier on a dresser

    33. A trio of glass food storage containers that'll display your coffee grinds and raw spaghetti noodles like they're pieces of art. Their convenient (and colourful) lid shape allows you to stack them for optimal storage space, too.

    Five glass food storage containers with various ingredients stored in them

    34. And finally, a pair of dazzling car hooks that'll save your purse from rolling around your backseat. They don't have any pointed edges, so you won't have to worry about poking an eye out. Plus, they're sparkly!

    Sparkly car hooks hanging off of the back of the passenger's seat

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