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    If You Love A Minimalist Aesthetic, Here Are 26 Home Decor Products From Indigo

    Sweet, simple, and oh-so stylish.

    1. A weighted blanket that'll swaddle you with a stress-reducing hug, and look cute doing it, too.

    A cute cozy weighted blanket on a bed

    2. A plant mister to help keep your humidity-hungry plants happy all year round. It's chic enough to leave out on your coffee table or windowsill, too.

    A cute plant mister

    3. A freestanding hanger that'll let you put your go-to outfits on display. You can also use it for clothes that have been worn, but aren't dirty yet (and finally get them off of your floor!).

    A hanger with clothes on it

    4. A trio of glass food storage containers that'll display your coffee grinds and raw spaghetti noodles like they're pieces of (minimalist) art. Their convenient lid shape allows you to stack them for optimal storage space, too.

    Five glass food storage containers with various ingredients stored in them

    5. A stylish compost bin that'll remind you to separate your trash. It comes with a reusable, odour-minimizing filter that pops into the lid, so you can keep it on your counter without inhaling a waft of trash every time you enter your kitchen.

    A person opening the cute compost bin on a counter

    6. A cotton sheet set that'll refresh your bed, because sometimes new bedding is all you need to make a room feel like it has just had a makeover.

    A person hugging a cozy pillow in bed

    7. A trio of bookends that'll keep your precious library in check, and make sure none of your novels tip off of your shelf.

    Three stylish book ends

    8. A cutting board stand, so you can keep your fave wood block within arm's reach. It'll save you from stashing 'em sloppily in a cupboard, too.

    The cutting board stand with a cutting board in it

    9. A shoe rack, so you can display your favourite pumps and sneakers in a simple and organized fashion.

    The shoe rack shelf with shoes on it

    10. A SMEG espresso machine, so you can finally make your own artisan macchiato from the comforts of your kitchen. It might also be the most beautiful darn machine I've ever laid eyes on.

    A beautiful SMEG espresso machine

    11. A cast-iron skillet that'll look just as good as the meal you're preparing. This baby has super-high heat retaining abilities and an enamelled interior that'll make it easy as pie to clean.

    An enamel cast iron skillet on a counter top

    12. A bread box that'll get those loaves off of your countertop and keep 'em fresher longer. You can also use the bamboo lid as a cutting board for said bread you are storing!

    The cute bread box on a wooden counter

    13. An air fryer that's cute enough to display on your kitchen counter, even when you aren't using it. If you're a fried foods enthusiast (hi, me too!), you'll love how this baby will save you from covering your kitchen in oil splatters when you're whipping up homefries or battered Oreos.

    The air fryer with fries in it next to a burger on a plate

    14. A set of handcrafted soup bowls that'll bless your kitchen table with an air of simplicity and elegance.

    One of the bowls in the set

    15. This two-tiered tray, so you can display your favourite rings and bracelets, and have somewhere to put your specs at the end of the day.

    A two-tiered tray with jewelry and glasses on it

    16. Or this glass tray you can stash your bits, bobs, and jewelry on. You could even use it in your bathroom to place your bars of soap, too.

    A patterned glass tray

    17. A stylish storage basket that'll transform your crowded coffee table, closet, or even your WFH desk. It has subtle wooden handles that gives it a rustic vibe, too.

    A basket with slippers in it

    18. This handy storage table you can use as a nightstand or in your living room. It also functions as a cable management system, with a slot through the bottom for cords and a tiny hook to hang the end of your charger off of (so it's always right where it needs to be).

    The storage table next to a couch

    19. A wall hook shelf, so you can hang your jackets, sweaters, bags — you know, the usual stuff that ends up slung over a chair. It has a handy shelf on top, so you can place your sunglasses and other doodads, too.

    The wall hook shelf

    20. A set of magnetic photo stands that'll exhibit your favourite photos and prints, without the pain of putting them into an actual frame.

    21. A wooden separator that'll keep your WFH desk looking fresh as heck. It'll finally give you somewhere to stash loose documents, notes, and notebooks, all while keeping 'em out in the open for easy access.

    The wooden separator with three slots

    22. A magnetic kitchen rack that'll turn the side of your fridge into sweet, sweet storage space. It'll give you somewhere besides your countertop to keep your paper towel roll, too.

    23. A coat rack that's also a stool (!!!) that'll save you from crowding your entrance way with both separately.

    A stool coatrack combo

    24. A corduroy pillow cover that'll give your couch a soft pop of colour (and texture). It zips shut, so you won't have to fumble with buttons every time you take it on and off for a wash.

    Three corduroy pillows stacked on a stool

    25. A glass watering canister that'll save you from throwing water at your plants with a mug. It's got a long spout, which is great for fully saturating the actual soil and not damaging the limbs of your water-sensitive succulents.

    A transparent glass watering canister for plants

    26. And finally, a table lamp, because your bedroom could use something a little softer than your bright-as-heck overheads.

    A table lamp on a desk

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