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    21 Trendy Products That’ll Speak To Your Inner Baddie On A Personal Level

    I'm obsessed.

    1. A set of butterfly nail stickers that'll take your at-home manicures to another level. Just stick them on and seal them with a top coat to make them last until your next colour change.

    a variety of manicured nails showing off the butterfly stickers

    2. An eyeliner and wing stamp set that'll make your life easier when it comes to doing your makeup. Just line your lids with the eyeliner, then press the wing stamp onto the outer corners of your eyelids for perfectly symmetrical wings.

    3. A lip-plumping set that'll make your lips look and feel as luscious as ever. It comes with a daytime serum that'll enhance your pout, as well as a nighttime repairing solution to keep it moisturized.

    The pair of lip plumping serums together in a box

    4. A pair of adhesive light strips that'll serve as the backdrop for all of your viral TikTok content. They come with a remote, so you can adjust the settings without messing around with your setup.

    A living room with long couches lined with the LED light strips below them on the floor, and above along the ceiling

    5. This lash-lifting kit that reviewers say will practically lift your lashes to the heavens. You can also use it to laminate your brows — if you’ve never done it before, just check out some YouTube tutorials beforehand.

    The contents of the lash lift kit

    6. A pair of flaming socks that'll add a little ~pizzazz~ to whatever outfit you've got on. You can wear 'em with sneakers, boots, Crocs, heels — whatever floats your boat.

    a person wearing socks with flames on them

    7. A UV lamp that'll satisfy your need for the perfect set of nails, even if you can't go to a salon at the moment. If you always manage to mess up your nails while you're waiting for them to dry (like I do), then this thing will basically change your life.

    8. A pair of ear-hugging hoops that'll be an absolute dream for anyone who likes to stack their earrings. The clasps are easy to secure, and their design is simple enough to go well with your other jewelry.

    Brittany wearing earrings with an arrow pointing to the etsy hoops

    9. This red-toned eyeshadow palette that'll make your eyes pop, whatever colour they may be. If you've been vibing the trendy lipstick-under-the-eye look, take it a step further with these tones for even more depth.

    the palette in front of spilt pigments

    10. This adidas corset that'll give your at-home lounging wardrobe a little glam. You can pair it with jeans, sweats, track pants, shorts — you name it.

    11. These hydrating eye masks that'll pump some life back into your under-eye area. Reviewers say these babies help to reduce puffiness and significantly brighten dark circles, too.

    A person holding two pairs of the eye pads

    12. A ring light kit that'll transform your selfies and virtual hangs. You can adjust both the brightness and colour of the light, so you can experiment with different ~lewks~.

    13. This Ilia mascara that'll lengthen your lashes, without drying them out. It uses shea butter and beeswax that'll keep them feeling healthy, and stays on surprisingly well for how easy it is to take off at the end of the day.

    Brittany before using the mascara and Brittany after putting it on, with visibly longer eyelashes

    14. A cropped adidas hoodie to add to your ever-growing collection. Reviewers love the vintage look of the design and say it's super comfortable.

    15. A tub of Sol de Janeiro's Bum Bum Cream that'll rock your senses to heaven and back. If the deliciously-buttery scent isn't enough, it'll also leave behind a subtle shimmer once it's rubbed in.

    16. A stunning coin necklace that'll make you sing, "my neck is flossin'" over and over again. Reviewers say the chain is dainty, but strong, and that it isn't irritating to their skin whatsoever.

    A person wearing the coin necklace layered with a chain lined choker

    17. This Anastasia highlighter that'll literally make you shine bright like diamond. You can use it on your face, shoulders, legs, or wherever else you goshdarn please.

    A person wearing the highlighter and holding up the mirror pallette it's in

    18. A set of hair clips that'll let you experiment with your style and mix up your usual 'do. They're big, so they'll hold even if you've got super-long and luscious locks.

    20 hair clips of various shapes and styles

    19. A set of magnetic lashes that'll give you the extra length you've always wanted, without the icky glue. Just swipe on the magnetic eyeliner it comes with and the lashes will pop right on.

    Five pairs of lashes that vary in length and volume, next to a tube of eyeliner and curved tweezers

    20. A luxurious silk sleeping mask that'll help you get your beauty sleep, without irritating your sweet-soft skin or sensitive eyes.

    A person sleeping with a silk eye mask

    21. And finally, a galaxy light projector, for the ambient lighting of your literal dreams. It has a built-in Bluetooth speaker that'll sync up your lights with the beat of whatever music you want to play.

    The galaxy light projecting a twinkling pattern onto the ceiling of a living room

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