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    38 Doodads And Thingamabobs That'll Make Your Life Easier

    It's smooth sailin' from here, folks.

    1. A weekly pill organizer that'll help you keep track of your daily vitamins and tablets. Each individual container is divided in two, so you can separate your a.m. doses from your p.m. ones.

    The weekly pill organizer with days of the week written on each container, as well as a sun and moon sticker to emphasize the divided sides of each container

    2. A nifty jar opener that'll make opening a new jar of pickles less of a chore. It has eight sizes to choose from, so you can use it on a variety of stubborn lids.

    A person using the jar opening tool on a mayonnaise jar

    3. A meal tracker for your dog that'll make sure your pup gets their grub twice a day. Say goodbye to texting (or hollering across the house) to find out if your partner already did the deed.

    The tracker with days of the week and AM and PM ticks you can switch off beside each day

    4. A flexible phone stand that'll be a godsend if you like watching Netflix on your phone. Just clip it onto the edge of your nightstand and voilà! You can finally stop fumbling around with books or mugs to lean your phone up against.

    The flexible phone stand clipped onto a bedside table

    5. A pair of dazzling car hooks that'll save your purse from rolling around your backseat. They don't have any pointed edges, so you won't have to worry about poking an eye out. Plus, they're sparkly!

    Sparkly car hooks hanging off of the back of the passenger's seat

    6. A charging port that'll replace that dusty old power bar lying under your desk. It is equipped with surge-protecting technology, so you won't have to worry about blowing a fuse as you charge up to eight devices simultaneously.

    The charging port on a wall above a desk, charging multiple devices simultaneously

    7. Two sets of bed sheet fasteners that'll save you from waking up on your bare mattress. Just clip them onto the four corners of your sheet and ta-da! You're already less of a slob.

    8. A cupboard door caddy that'll give your hair tools somewhere besides your vanity to live. You can also use it in your kitchen to stash large serving utensils and cutting boards.

    The caddy hanging off of a cupboard with hairbrushes and a blowdryer

    9. A shoehorn that'll save you from bending down to get your boots on. It's a timesaver, too — you'll never have to tie your laces again.

    A person using a shoehorn to get their sneakers on

    10. A pair of motion-sensor night lights that'll save you from walking into your doorway when you get up in the middle of the night to pee. You can adjust the brightness on these babies, so you can avoid blinding yourself (or your partner) every time you walk by them.

    The motion sensor night light plugged into an AC outlet

    11. A kitchen sink caddy that'll give your sponges a place to live. It comes with a small rack, so you can finally get your wet cloths off of your faucet.

    The caddy with a cloth hanging over it above a sponge and scrub on a counter

    12. A Tile Pro Bluetooth tracker that'll help you find your keys, phone, wallet, or whatever else you tend to lose. You can connect it to a free app that'll help you find your lost item, even when your Bluetooth is out of reach.

    A tile pro on a keychain with keys

    13. A teeny-tiny bike storage rack that'll tuck your summertime ride away, as well as free up some floor space. With one clip per bike, installation is wildly minimal — just mount it onto a wall and pop the front wheel in.

    14. A 30-piece kitchen block that'll give you every cooking utensil you'll ever need, in one spot. It'll save you from rummaging through your over-crowded drawers every time you need a spatula.

    The utensil block on a table with pasta ingredients around it

    15. Or a magnetic knife bar that'll keep your cutlery drawer from overflowing with sharp objects (no thanks). It'll also keep your counter free of a knife block, for those of you who need the extra prep space.

    Four knives on the magnetic stip against a tiled wall

    16. A clamp that'll transform your dumbbells into kettlebells for a more comfortable squat. Reviewers love that it turns the weights they already own into multipurpose training equipment, without breaking the bank.

    A dumbell with the clamp attached to its bar

    17. A drain catcher that'll spare you an awkward appointment with your local plumber. Reviewers say it's super easy to clean and excellent for anyone who practically moults every time they shower.

    A person holding the catcher that is wrangled with hair above a drain

    18. A cable management box that'll tame that tangled mess of cords beside your desk. It'll prevent dust from building up in the sockets and preserve the life of your power bars and chargers.

    The before and after photos of an extension cord messily out in the open and then covered and organized inside of the cord box

    19. A cute umbrella stand that'll save you from hunting for an umbrella every time it rains. It has a slotted shelf inside that can hold up to four umbrellas, big or small. Reviewers love how stylish, practical, and compact it is.

    The umbrella stand with a large umbrella and a small portable one sitting inside

    20. A reusable lint roller that'll get your pet's fur off your couch, bed, rug, cushions, sweaters — you name it. It'll collect the excess hair into a compartment on the back that's super easy to clean out.

    21. A handy lid organizer that'll save you from sifting through cupboards to find the right Tupperware lid every time you put your leftovers away. Reviewers say this thing gave their cupboards and drawers an instant upgrade.

    The organizer in a drawer filled neatly with food storage container lids

    22. A hanging shelf that'll give you extra space for pantry items, right on the side of your fridge. It's the perfect solution if you only have, like, two cupboards.

    The shelf filled with pantry items along the side of a fridge in a kitchen

    23. A beautyblender brush cleaner that'll save your kabuki (and your skin) from years of left-over bronzer. It comes with a compact cleanser and a scrubbing pad you can use to give your brushes the deep clean they probably need.

    A person washing two makeup brushes with the cleanser and scrubbing pad

    24. A pancake batter mixer that'll save you from dirtying a million dishes before breakfast. It comes with a whisk ball that will smooth out any clumps with a few shakes and a spout that'll let you squeeze out the batter (without any spills!).

    25. A Brita water bottle that'll make sure your aqua is filtered where ever you are. Reviewers love that it reduces the smell and taste of chlorine, and that it has a leakproof lid.

    A person sipping from the Brita water bottle

    26. A cuticle-removing solution that'll make paying attention to the condition of your unmanicured fingernails a little less of a chore. It can also help soften calluses, if your feet need a little love, too.

    A person holding the cuticle removing solution to their cuticle

    27. A storage rack that'll keep your brooms and mops from knocking over every five seconds. It's equipped with hooks and clasps, so you can hang other cleaning supplies and towels, too.

    A towel, broom, brush, mop, and sponge hanging off the rack next to a washing machine

    28. A sunrise alarm clock that'll help you rise and shine by tricking your senses into thinking it’s light out, even if it isn’t. The crescendo of nature sounds and gradual brightening will replace the jarring ringtone you’re probably using now.

    The light alarm clock shining with a warm light on a bedside table next to a succulent

    29. A mug warmer that'll save you from making the trip to the microwave every time you forget about your cup of tea. Reviewers say it's great to keep on your WFH desk, especially if you're constantly on calls and can't always find a moment take a sip.

    A cup of tea sitting on the mug warmer

    30. A shower curtain with mesh pockets (!!!) to avoid cluttering your tub with shampoo bottles and loofahs. You can hang it so the pockets face in or out of your tub, depending on where you need the storage more.

    A bath tub with the pocketed shower curtain on it

    31. This genius avocado tool that'll split, de-pit, and slice your avos, making breakfast a little easier on you. You can use it to slice boiled eggs, kiwis, and strawberries, too.

    Someone trying the avocado tool, removing an avocado pit with it

    32. A pack of anti-fog wipes that'll prevent your specs from blinding you every time you get in from the cold (or when you put on a mask). Each wipe can be used effectively up to 700 times, so it'll last you a while!

    A comparison of each lens on a pair of glasses one with fog and one without

    33. A genius herb container that'll keep your basil sprigs from dying after only, like, a day. Just fill it with water and toss it in the fridge for days of spry chives to garnish your meals with.

    A container with fresh herbs inside

    34. A fabric shaver that'll help you get all those annoying pills off your favourite sweaters. It's especially great if you're the kind of person who somehow always manages to get that extra fluff stuck in your eye every time you pull a shirt over your face (hi, hello! That's me).

    35. A set of three merino wool dryer balls that'll cut down on static, wrinkles, and how long your laundry will need to spend in the dryer. They're made of hypoallergenic organic wool, so they won't add anything to your clothes that would irritate your skin.

    A basket of dryer balls

    36. A set of glass tupperware that'll make meal prepping a dream. It comes with 24 leakproof containers that'll replace all the random, spaghetti sauce-stained ones that have long since seen the end of their days.

    The tupperware in a kitchen filled with various foods

    37. An ice scraper that has a glove attachment, so you can still clean off your car when your mitts have gone MIA. It'll also save you from getting your driving gloves drenched before your ride.

    The ice scraper with attached gloved scraping snow and ice off of a windshield

    38. And finally, a silicone bottle brush that'll help you clean every inch of your favourite tumbler. It has a solid silicone blade in between its bristles to help you scrape off any built-up residue.

    The silicone bottle brush beside a long narrow bottle

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