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    28 Things That'll Help You Feel Like An Actual Adult

    Get ready to feel wildly responsible.

    1. A stainless steel watering can that'll save you from throwing water at your plants with a mug. It's got a super long spout, which is great for fully saturating the actual soil and not damaging the limbs of your water-sensitive succulents.

    A stainless steel watering can with a super-long spout on a low table near some cute plants

    2. A foolproof knife sharpener with three slots that'll sharpen your straight and serrated knives, as well as your scissors. It'll suction onto your counter so y'all can avoid recreating that scene from Friends with Chandler's toe.

    3. An eco-friendly silicone travel cup you can use on the go, instead of giving in to the convenience of a disposable one. It's collapsible, so you can squeeze it into your tiniest bag even if you aren't anticipating a stop at your local café.

    4. A set of glass tupperware that'll make meal prepping a dream. It comes with 24 leak-free containers that can replace all the random, spaghetti sauce stained ones you stole from your parents five years ago.

    The tupperware in a kitchen filled with various foods

    5. A sleek, multi-purpose bike tool that anyone who has a bike should have. You can also use it around the house for a quick fix that doesn't require busting out the whole toolbox.

    6. A vent deflector that'll help the airflow in your house. It uses super-strong magnets to stay put, so all you have to do is pop 'em on and enjoy your new and improved ventilation. (Every adult's dream, right?)

    The vent deflector shown on top of a floor vent

    7. A budget planner that'll help you figure out how many times you can order sushi this month. It has detailed sections to fill in for saving, paying off debt, and annual spending that you can keep track of with fun stickers. Who said organizing your finances couldn't be cute?

    The budget planner closed, next to what it looks like open, along with a bunch of stickers

    8. A pair of self-watering plant bulbs that'll make sure your plant babies are taken care of, even if you forget to sometimes. They're especially great for out-of-reach hanging plants that are a pain to take down every day.

    Two bird-shaped plant bulbs sticking out of a cute potted plant

    9. A beautyblender brush cleaner that'll save your kabuki (and your skin) from years of left-over bronzer. It comes with a compact cleanser and scrubbing pad you can use to give your brushes the deep clean they probably need.

    A person washing two makeup brushes with the cleanser and scrubbing pad

    10. A genius herb container that'll keep your basil sprigs from dying after only, like, a day. Just fill it with water and toss it in the fridge for optimal freshness.

    A container with fresh herbs inside

    11. A super-cute compost bin that'll remind you to separate your trash. It comes with an odour-minimizing filter that pops into the lid, so you can keep it on your counter without choking on a waft of trash every time you enter your kitchen.

    A cute compost bin that says "compost" on it

    12. Two sets of bed sheet fasteners that'll save you from waking up on your bare mattress, with your fitted sheet half way to the moon.

    13. A handheld clothes steamer that'll zap the wrinkles on your favourite blouse back to whatever heck they came from. Just fill it with water and plug it in, and voilà! You look like an actual adult!

    A person holding the handheld steamer while it blows out steam

    14. A pack of all-natural cleaning wipes that'll get rid of gross salt stains on your favourite boots. You can also use them to clean your fave leather jackets and handbags too.

    15. A grout cleaning set that'll seriously transform your grungy tiles. If scrubbing alone hasn't helped much in the past, the pens this set comes with most certainly will.

    A before and after shot of gross tiles transformed into cute ones with the grout pen dividing the images in the middle

    16. A set of dry-erase calendars that'll help you start "adulting" and manage your day to day deadlines. You'll get two calendars — one for the whole month, and one for your week, for time management skills that are off the hook.

    A person admiring their two fridge calendars while holding a dry-erase marker

    17. A door draft stopper that'll help you deal with the chill that likes to creep through in the middle of the night — without touching the thermostat. It'll also help to block out noise and light, which is especially great if you have roommates who like to stay up past your bedtime.

    A stick-on door draft stopper on a door

    18. A stovetop espresso maker that'll let you make an artisan americano all by yourself. It uses a funnel for the espresso grinds, so you can kiss annoying disposable filters goodbye.

    The espresso maker on a tray next to a cute plant

    19. A digital thermometer that'll instantly tell you the internal temperature of whatever meat you're cooking. Its probe is teeny-tiny, so you won't lose any juicy goodness when you check whether or not you're about to give yourself salmonella.

    A person probing a chicken leg on the BBQ to check its temperature

    20. A reusable grocery bag set that'll help you shrink that hoard of plastic bags you've got hiding in a cupboard. It comes with a cute tote and three mesh bags that can collapse into a compact pouch.

    21. A docking station that'll save your bedside table from clutter. It has little slots to stick your charging cables through, so you won't have to bend and damage your cords whatsoever.

    A docking station on a table holding a pair of glasses, a phone, earphones, and keys

    22. A drill set that'll finally get you to do those home improvement projects you've been meaning to start. It comes equipped with an LED light that'll help you see what you're doing, and it's cordless, so you won't trip over yourself while you're on the job.

    A person drilling into a set of drawers

    23. A set of six merino wool dryer balls that'll cut down on static, wrinkles, and how long your laundry needs to spend in the dryer. They're made of hypoallergenic organic wool, so they won't add anything to your clothes that would irritate your skin.

    A case with soft balls of wool

    24. A meditation journal that'll teach you how to take a breath and chill out for a sec. It's packed with mindfulness exercises and reflection prompts, so you can start balancing out your stress levels.

    25. A cool-mist humidifier that'll make you realize how much worse you felt before you had one. This baby will pump moisture into your dry apartment for up to 30 hours per refill, without disturbing you with noise.

    A humidifier on a low table by a couch in someone's living room

    26. A boot tray that'll stop you from scattering shoes around the front entrance of your house. It'll save you from salt stains and tracking dirt in, which will make cleaning that area a heck of a lot easier too.

    Three pairs of boots on a tray on a porch

    27. A handheld vacuum cleaner that'll come in handy when you're looking for a quick clean up. It's perfect if you're constantly brushing your pet's fur off of the couch, or if your car seats always seem to be covered in crumbs.

    A handheld vacuum hanging on a wall in its charging unit

    28. A bamboo soap dish that'll save your bathroom sink from a pile of mushy suds. Its grooves will strain water out of the dish, so everything can dry off properly.

    A bar of soap on the bamboo dish

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