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    23 Easy Presents To Give, Because Literally Anyone Will Like Them

    Including yourself, TBH.

    Hey! While we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time for Christmas, shipping times can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. Be sure to double check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for the 25th!

    1. An insulated thermos that'll keep their morning coffee so hot it might still burn their mouth by the afternoon. Reviewers say it's totally leakproof, so they won't have to worry about it spilling in their backpack.

    A person pouring coffee from a kettle into a vacuum insulated thermos

    2. A trio of ceramic planter pots they can put their sweet baby succulents in. There's a tiny hole in the bottom for drainage, so they won't have to think about over watering.

    Three textured succulent plant pots

    3. An instant photo printer from Fujifilm that'll print their fave pics right from their phone. All they need to do is connect their Bluetooth, download the free app, and print away.

    The Instax photo printer from Fujifilm beside a photo and a cell phone

    4. A funky set of porcelain bowls that will add a pop of colour to their kitchen table. Each bowl has a different pattern, so they'll work well without being too "matchy."

    Four fun and fresh patterned bowls with strawberries

    5. A teeny-tiny bike storage rack that'll tuck their summertime ride away, as well as free up some floor space. With one clip per bike, installation is wildly minimal — just mount it onto a wall and pop the front wheel in.

    A bike stored vertically with a clip that attaches to the front wheel

    6. A multi-purpose moisturizing balm they can use on their lips, cuticles, or anywhere else on their bod that needs a hit of hydration. It's got a subtle minty scent that won't overpower whatever other fragrance they may be wearing.

    A person holding a Lanolips 101 tube to their mouth

    7. This genius herb container will keep their rosemary sprigs fresh for the rest of the holiday season. There's a tiny window near the bottom, so they can see how much water is inside without messing with it.

    A container with fresh herbs inside

    8. This limited edition set from First Aid Beauty comes with five skincare essentials that'll give their winter skin a little refresh. Four out of five are full-size products, which is a total steal if you ask me.

    A container of facial radiance pads, face cleanser, lip therapy, ultra repair cream, and eye cream in a funky box

    9. A whisky decanter with six tumblers that'll give anyone's bar a makeover (without breaking the bank). Even if they're not big on drinking, it'll look great as a decorative (ahem, boujie) display.

    Six glasses beside a whisky decanter on a metallic tray

    10. A ~chic~ glass teapot with a removable infuser that will keep them warm all winter long. It comes with a tea cozy and a coaster to help them not scorch themselves, or their table.

    A glass teapot full of tea next to a glass of ice

    11. This Spike Ball game set will have them looking forward to park hangs, even in the winter. It's a two-on-two set with three balls, and comes with a drawstring bag that packs it all away.

    A Spike Ball set up that includes a net, its stand, and three balls

    12. This padded laptop table will let them work from bed without all the awkward pillow shuffling. It's got a flat wooden shelf on top to keep their stuff from sliding around, and little pockets on the sides for earphones and cords.

    A laptop on the padded laptop table next to a blanket

    13. A jade tool duo with a face roller and a gua sha scraper that will seriously boost their at-home spa vibes. This set can help improve their complexion by increasing blood-flow while they sit back and chill the heck out.

    Two bottles of oil beside the double-sided jade facial roller and a jade gua sha tool

    14. This cute marquee lightbox that'll let them flaunt whatever vibe they're feeling, in whatever space they want. Its letters and numbers are stored inside of it, so they won't have to dig around their kitchen drawers every time they want to change its message.

    The marquee lightbox on a kitchen counter with the words "chop it like it's hot."

    15. An eco-friendly silicone travel cup they can use on their way back from saving the planet. It's collapsible, so they can squeeze it into their smallest purse if they have to.

    16. A fool-proof knife sharpener with three slots that'll sharpen their straight and serrated knives, as well as their scissors. It'll suction onto their counter so y'all can avoid recreating that scene from Friends with Chandler's toe.

    17. A plush flannel blanket that'll keep them cozy all winter long. The sherpa underside is so soft and fuzzy, they'll never get off the couch.

    A cozy flannel blanket draping over a big chair

    18. A sleek, multi-purpose bike tool that anyone who has a bike should have. They can also use it around the house for a quick fix that doesn't require busting out the whole toolbox.

    19. A set of cotton flannel sheets to keep them cozy all night long. Reviewers say they're super soft and warm, which is especially great for that friend who's always cold.

    A cozy bed with pillows, pillowcases, sheets, and a throw blanket

    20. A pack of six Canadian-made soaps, each with its own delightful scent. They already come in cute packaging, so you don't even have to wrap them.

    21. A pair of self-watering plant bulbs that will let them worry a little less about watering their plant babies. They're especially great for out-of-reach hanging plants that are a pain to take down and water all the time.

    Two bird-shaped plant bulbs sticking out of a cute potted plant

    22. A record player your ultra-hip friend can use to listen to their fave vinyls. Its speakers are Bluetooth compatible, so they can play music off their phone with it, too.

    A record player with a vinyl record ready to be played

    23. A faux-leather, ruled journal that'll add a little class to their daily notes and lists. It fastens shut with an elastic band, and has a handy pocket at the back for loose notes and receipts.

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