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    26 Bike Accessories That'll Come In Handy If You Love To Ride

    🎵They see me rollin'...🎵

    1. A fancy saddle bag that you can stash your emergency patch kit and granola bars in. It attaches with buckles that'll make it a cinch to put on and take off as you please.

    A leather saddle bag attached to a bike seat

    2. A set of colourful LED wheel lights that'll significantly increase your night-time visibility (and make you look like a literal rave on wheels). Reviewers say installation is effortless and that the lights are super vibrant.

    Two people riding bikes in the dark with bright lights on their wheels

    3. A Kryptonite lock that'll help protect your sweet bicycle from theft. This particular model comes with an additional loop, so you can lock up your wheel, too.

    A kryptonite lock with added loop for wheel security

    4. A quick-release wire basket that'll help you carry your groceries and other personal belongings. Reviewers love how easy it is to clip on and off and say that it doesn't rust in the rain whatsoever.

    The metal basket attached to the front of a bike

    5. A pair of high-rise cycling shorts that'll feel like second skin. These babies were designed in collaboration with Peloton, with moisture-wicking material that'll save your seat from getting slicked with sweat.

    A person wearing the adidas cycling shorts

    6. This sleek roll-top backpack that'll help you carry all of your belongings on your next commute. It has an adjustable loop specifically made to hold your bike lock, with a cushioned backside that'll make sure your items don't jab you.

    A person holding the roll-top backpack

    7. A mini pump you'll be glad to have if your tube starts to leak air mid-ride. It's super lightweight and comes with a mount, so you can secure it right onto your frame.

    A hand-held bike pump

    8. And a bike repair kit that'll get you out of a pinch if your bike decides to curse you while you're en route. It's jam-packed with tools and a patch kit that'll pair perfectly with that aforementioned mini pump.

    The repair kit in its case

    9. A waterproof seat cover that'll save you from hopping onto a soaked saddle. I guarantee it'll also look cuter than the old black seat you're currently sporting.

    A floral patterned bike seat cover

    10. A pack of reflective stickers that'll help cars and pedestrians see you at night. You can stick 'em on your frame, handlebars, wheels, and even on your helmet, too.

    A bike covered in reflective stickers

    11. A water bottle cage that'll keep your aqua within arm's reach. You can screw it directly into your frame's existing eyelets, but it also comes with a rotating mount that'll allow you to place it where ever you prefer.

    12. A roll of funky handlebar tape that'll improve your grip in style. It'll also make your bars a little more cushioned, which can help to minimize wrist discomfort and hand fatigue during long rides.

    Patterned handlebar tape

    13. A waterproof Bluetooth speaker that'll attach to your handlebars with a super-strong silicone strap. It's mini, but powerful, and will save you from fiddling with earbuds while you ride.

    The speaker attached to a bike

    14. A pair of rainbow pedals that'll give your bike the ~pizzazz~ you didn't even know it needed. Reviewers say the colours are stunning (even from far away) and that they've got excellent grip, too.

    One of the metallic rainbow pedals up close

    15. An adjustable bike fender that'll keep your tush dry and your back splatter free when the roads are wet.

    three ways the fender can be adjusted on a back wheel

    16. A shiny-new pannier bag that'll carry all of your belongings, so you don't have to wear a backpack. It's completely waterproof, so your stuff will stay dry even if you have to ride through a storm.

    A person posing next to a bike with pannier bags on it

    17. And a rear cargo rack that'll keep those pannier bags secure (it'll hold up to 55 pounds!). Reviewers say it's super easy to install and love that it comes with a bunch of extra bolts (in case one or two gets lost over time).

    A cargo rack on the back wheel of a bicycle

    18. A squishy seat cushion that'll save your booty from your cold, hard seat. It'll also save you from the fashion police (yes, there are alternatives to padded bike shorts!).

    The padded bike seat cover

    19. A plastic insulated water bottle that'll keep your aqua cold until the end of your ride. It has a leak-proof lock, but the spout is self-sealing too —meaning it won't let any water out unless you squeeze it.

    20. A bike bell that'll let all of those parked cars and jaywalkers know you're coming. Reviewers say it produces a crisp ring that'll resonate through loud traffic.

    A person about to ring their bike bell

    21. A phone mount for your bike that'll save you from pulling over to check your maps. It's made of silicone, so it'll keep your phone secure without scratching it.

    The phone mounted onto handlebars

    22. A pair of bike lights that'll make sure you're visible from the front and the back. They're waterproof, rechargeable, and super bright, too.

    23. A bottle of bike lube that'll keep your chain running smoothly (and prevent a horrendous noise every time you switch gears).

    A person applying the bike lube to their bike chain

    24. A teeny-tiny storage rack that'll tuck your bike away (and free up some floor space). With one clip per bike, installation is wildly minimal — just mount it onto a wall and pop the front wheel in.

    25. This 10-in-1 tool that is colour coded for ~fashion~ and ease of use. It's perfect to bring along on long rides or for a quick fix that doesn't require busting out your entire toolbox.

    A person using the multi-purpose tool on their bike seat

    26. And finally, a cycling helmet, because accidents happen! It'll protect your noggin, and shield your eyes with the removable visor it comes with.

    The GIRO helmet with a removable visor

    Ride safe, kids!

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