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    28 Products That'll Make Your Parents Believe You're An Actual Adult

    They'd be so proud.

    1. An electric fabric shaver that'll remove rogue threads and lint from your pilling sweaters. You can use it on your furniture, too, to give your couch or rugs an instant refresh!

    2. This portable deep cleaner that'll help you get rid of stubborn stains on your carpets and furniture. Reviewers say this baby is a must-have if you have pets (or messy roommates).

    A person cleaning fruit punch off of a carpet with the deep cleaning machine

    3. A Brita pitcher that'll save you from spending money on bottles (and help the environment, too). A little red light will pop up on the top of the pitcher when it's time to change the filter, so you'll never have to guess.

    Brittany holding her Brita pitcher

    4. A lumbar support cushion that'll give your back the TLC it probably needs. Reviewers say it's a total game changer when it comes to improving their posture and alleviating back pain, making it a heck of a lot more bearable to sit in front of a screen all day.

    Someone sitting in an office chair leaning against the supportive back cushion

    5. This 3-in-1 charging station that'll rid your nightstand of cluttered devices and tangled cords. Reviewers love how sleek it looks and that it can be separated in two for when they don't need to use the entire thing.

    A phone, airpods case, and apple watch charging together on the charging platform

    6. A cordless vacuum designed specifically to suck up all of the stubborn pet (or human) hair you just can't seem to get rid of. It'll work wonders on your carpets, floors, and furniture, with a self-cleaning brush roll that'll prevent all of those loose strands from getting tangled up and clogging it.

    7. A handheld clothes steamer that'll zap the wrinkles out of your favourite blouse, making it look good as new. Now you'll look (and feel) more put together, even if you're just hangin' at home all day.

    A person holding the handheld steamer while it blows out steam

    8. A spinning makeup brush cleaner that'll clean and dry your dirty makeup brushes in under a minute. Your kabuki brush (and your skin) will thank you.

    9. A set of Rubbermaid pantry storage containers that'll save your cupboards from a mess of open bags and clunky packaging. Their convenient lid shape allows you to stack them for optimal storage space, too.

    Food storage containers stacked in a pantry filled with ingredients

    10. A cable management box that'll tame that tangled mess of cords beside your desk. It'll prevent dust from building up in the sockets and preserve the life of your power bars and chargers.

    Before and after organizing cords and cables with the box

    11. A weekly pill organizer that'll save you from busting out a billion pill containers every single day for every single dose. Each individual container is divided in two, so you can separate your a.m. doses from your p.m. ones.

    A person holding one of the pill containers in front of the whole pill storage box

    12. A handy lid separator that'll save you from rummaging through cupboards and drawers to find the right lid. Reviewers say this thing gave their kitchen functionality an instant upgrade.

    The lid separator with lids in each slot

    13. A wall-hanging hamper that'll keep dirty clothes from piling up on your floor (and save you from an unsightly laundry basket that sticks out like a sore thumb). You can also hang it over your closet door to really tuck it away.

    A hanging hamper in a bathroom

    14. A roll-up drying rack that'll unfurl right over your sink whenever you need it. It's heat resistant, so it can double as a trivet when you're working with hot pots and pans, too.

    15. A mop storage rack that'll keep your brooms and mops from knocking over every five seconds. It's equipped with hooks and clasps, so you can hang all the things!

    A towel, broom, brush, mop, and sponge hanging off the rack next to a washing machine

    16. An air purifier that'll obliterate the dust and pet dander that loves to float through your apartment. It's especially handy if you have allergies — reviewers say you'll notice clearer sinuses and better breathing right away.

    An air purifier in a bright and stylish room

    17. A pan rack that'll save you from stacking your skillets and scratching them. You can also use it to stash your pot lids and keep your cupboards neat.

    The pan racks with lids in one and skillets in the other

    18. A laptop stand that’ll do wonders for your posture. If you spend most of your day slumped over your desk, do your neck the favour and get yourself an ergonomic setup already.

    19. A pack of natural bottle cleaning tablets that'll rejuvenate your coffee-stained thermos (and finally get that wine smell out of your favourite tumbler). Reviewers say one tablet will get any residue off the walls of your bottles, without leaving a gross chemical smell behind.

    A person putting a tablet into their tumbler

    20. A trio of produce containers that'll extend the life of your fruits and veggies by regulating oxygen levels and reducing moisture. Reviewers say their greens were still crisp even after ten days of being in one of these containers.

    21. A posture trainer that'll remind you to sit up straight with a gentle vibration. It's super discreet, and even comes with a free app to help you track your progress.

    A person wearing the posture trainer while sitting on a bed in front of a laptop

    22. A tube of patching primer that'll help you fix up unsightly nail holes. The tube itself has everything you need to do so, with a built-in spatula and a sanding lid, too.

    23. A hair catcher that can also be used as a drain stop to plug your tub. Reviewers say it's super easy to clean and excellent for anyone who practically moults every time they shower.

    The drain stopper in a tub

    24. An orthopedic pillow that'll help you on your journey toward a more productive sleeping position. Reviewers say that after just a few nights of using it, they noticed a significant decline in neck tension and back pain.

    The pillow and all of its perks

    25. A transparent mat that'll save your floor from chair marks and scuffs. It isn't made for carpets, but your wooden floor will thank you — and so will your landlord.

    An office chair on a mat on a wooden floor

    26. A reusable lint roller that'll get your pet's fur off your couch, bed, rug, cushions, sweaters — any fabric surface your fur baby even walks past. It'll collect the excess hair into a compartment on the back that's super easy to clean out.

    27. A Philips Sonicare Expertclean electric toothbrush that'll maintain the health of your sweet chompers. It's got a ton of features that can help to prevent a receding gumline, and will even vibrate to let you know how long you should be brushing each section of your mouth.

    28. And finally, an adjustable standing desk attachment that'll work just as well as a full-on standing desk (at a quarter of the cost). It lowers down far enough that you can still sit and work with it from time to time, too.

    A standing desk attachment on a desk next to an office chair

    Congrats, you're officially a grown-up.

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