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15 Things Only Transplants To Small Towns Understand

You've ditched the big city for clean air, easy access to nature and good 'ol small town charm. Who knew that some things were about to get so much harder?

Brianna Gunter • 4 years ago

The Woes Of People Without Smartphones

Things ain't easy when you don't have a Smartphone, but not necessarily because of your lack of app access.

Brianna Gunter • 5 years ago

7 Ridiculous Movies that are Actually Grounded in Reality

It’s no secret that our friends in Hollywood enjoy taking liberties with reality— a massive ice age could never engulf New York overnight, time machines would never take the form of hot tubs, giant robots from space would find way cooler friends than Shia LeBeouf, etc. Still, sometimes audiences are too skeptical. There are certain flicks that you likely have scoffed at for being too ludicrous to ever happen in real life but have a surprising amount of accuracy. For instance…

Brianna Gunter • 5 years ago

5 Ways TV Makes You Smarter

Unless you grew up in an alternate dimension where television does not exist (in which case, congratulations on managing to find the internet), you’ve probably heard that watching a lot of TV will turn your brain into mush.

Brianna Gunter • 5 years ago

15 Signs You Are One Of Multiples

Twins, triplets, quadruplets, etc., have long fascinated people across the world... except those who happen to be them.

Brianna Gunter • 5 years ago