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    The Woes Of People Without Smartphones

    Things ain't easy when you don't have a Smartphone, but not necessarily because of your lack of app access.

    You brace yourself for the shock when a new aquaintance asks to exchange numbers.

    Shhh... it's okay. My phone's not broken; it's supposed to bend in half.

    You've perfected the art of concealing your phone with your hand when you have to use it in public. You're like a magician!

    But who are we kidding? It's not fooling anyone.

    People are suspicious when you know how to navigate without letting a phone tell you where to go.

    No, the part of my brain able to figure out which way's North just isn't quite dead yet...

    You feel a twinge of shame when a person decades older than you whips out a phone way more advanced than yours.

    And you thought those "buttons" were too small for your eyes.

    You feel bad for everyone who has to charge their phone multiple times a day.

    They're astonished that you only need your charger a few times a week, often less.

    You feel sad when you're the only one who laughs at the TV... since everyone else is glued to a much tinier screen.

    On the bright side, you can watch whatever you want for a while before anyone notices you changed the channel.

    You actually love technology, but the impact of Smartphones on society truly concerns you.

    Ha ha, but seriously...

    More than once you've wanted to slap the phones out of your friends' hands.

    Experience real life dammit!

    (And it's even more tragic when you learn facts like these)

    But you just nod along when someone starts talking about Tinder, Instagram or whatever...

    No need to draw attention to yourself. Totally with the times, brah.

    But whenever you actually start to consider getting a Smartphone, you realize you only truly want one to end the social stigma.

    I'll take "Peer Pressure" for 200.

    You know that one day in the future they'll suck you in.

    You can only hope you won't get too addicted.

    The last thing you want is to start missing out on real life.

    In the meantime, you just keep on enjoying life around you.

    People know how to reach you.

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