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37 Things People Under Age 17 Will Just Never Understand

2003 VMAs >>> every VMAs after it.

1. That when fighting with a friend you needed to be the FIRST to remove them from your Myspace Top 8.

2. That this was the exact moment when the VMAs peaked:

3. That you needed to have a secret ~sassy~ email address that you only used with your friends and crushes.

4. That MTV's DisMissed and Next were the original Tinder.

Those shows really, really did prepare you for today's dating world.

5. The extreme jealousy you felt when your friend got a Razr.

6. How you could NEVER get the smell of Abercrombie's Fierce cologne out of the clothing you bought there.

7. That this made you smell like wet Doritos:

8. That the only way to kick off the school year was with a one-shoulder bag.

9. The joy you got from secretly discovering your crush's LiveJournal.

10. The cultural importance of "Lady Marmalade."

11. That there was no more satisfying sound than the click of an iPod wheel.

12. The frustration of trying to use an iPod transmitter in a car.

13. The brilliance that was Clone High.

14. The importance of an Ashanti and Ja Rule duet.

15. The pleasure of illegally downloading music overnight and having it on your computer by morning.

16. That you had several backup pirating sites in case the site you were using got shut down.

17. The struggle of deciding how to fill 80 minutes on a CD.

18. The roller coaster of emotions that went into burning a CD.

19. That The Sims was low-key about creating a make-believe life story about you and your crush.

20. How IMPORTANT and ICONIC this duet was.

21. That there was no better way to spend a Friday night than cruising the aisles of Blockbuster with your BFF ~looking~ for a DVD to rent.

22. The intense pressure to create a perfect AIM screen name.

23. That this was the most iconic and romantic kiss in a movie, ever…

24. …and this was the most romantic movie.

25. The hysteria that happened when we all found out that t.A.T.u. were faux lesbians.

26. How any time you hear “Come Clean," you immediately think about Laguna Beach.

27. Knowing you had a 50% chance of this happening anytime you used Internet Explorer:

28. Watching the red carpet just to see which member of Destiny's Child got the best (coordinating) outfit.

It was usually Beyoncé, of course.

29. Knowing there was never a bad time to insert a quote from Napoleon Dynamite...

30. ...or Mean Girls into a conversation.

31. All the words to "Hey Ya!"

32. The little rush of excitement you felt when you heard "And now the world premiere of..." when watching Making the Video.

33. The fear of the blacklight test on Room Raiders.

34. How good it felt to scream all the words to “Hollaback Girl."

35. That the only address you knew in New York* was 1515 Broadway.

36. The joy of passive-aggressively putting shady lyrics in your AIM profile because you were mad at your friend.

37. And finally, any time you think of Britney and Justin, you think of these ICONIC outfits: