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    Posted on Feb 2, 2018

    12 Celebrity #TBTs You Might Have Missed This Week

    A photo of a teenage Pink kicks off this week's #ThrowbackThursday!

    1. Pink shared this photo of herself at 18 years old in 1997.

    2. Iman posted this photo of herself rocking some awesome platinum hair in the early '90s.

    3. Hugh Jackman was feeling sentimental and shared this photo of him and his mother in 2007.

    4. Cindy Crawford took it back to her early '90s Pepsi spokesperson days for her #TBT.

    5. In honor of Germany's Next Top Model coming back, Heidi Klum shared a video of how she got her start in 1992 (on a German TV show).

    6. LA Galaxy's Robbie Rogers shared this early '90s family photo.

    7. Joseph Gordon-Levitt posted this photo of when he and his friend visited the Magic Kingdom five years ago.

    8. Topher Grace remembered when he voiced a character on The Simpsons back in 2008.

    9. Jessica Simpson posted this clip of her and Jewel performing "Who Will Save Your Soul" on The Nick & Jessica Variety Hour (LOL, remember that?!) back in 2004.

    10. In honor of his Lord of the Rings co-star and friend Elijah Wood's birthday, Orlando Bloom posted this photo of the two of them in the early '00s.

    11. Kesha reflected on the last time she was at the Grammys, back in 2010.

    12. And finally, in honor of her mother, Carrie Fisher, winning a posthumous Grammy for Best Spoken Word Album for The Princess Diarist, Billie Lourd posted this photo of the two of them at the Tarzan premiere in 1999.

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