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    Updated on Jul 16, 2018. Posted on Oct 13, 2015

    31 Pictures Will Give You Nostalgic Flashbacks To Better Times

    You can probably still smell those Disney VHS tapes.

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    1. We'll start really young with your first car...


    You probably drove it around way past the point that you actually fit in it comfortably.

    2. ...your first hangout spot...

    3. ...your first (bad) investment...


    Those Beanie Babies were supposed to be worth thousands of dollars one day!!!!

    4. ...and your first pastime (watching movies, duh.)


    Oh those simple days before Netflix.

    5. Pop in a movie. Get hit with that sweet, sweet, "Coming Soon" sign. Gets you all excited for what you're going to be able to rent at Blockbuster (or Hollywood Video) soon.

    Disney / Via

    Also, that "Coming Soon" voice was oh-so-soothing.

    6. Turn on the huge box of a TV and immediately get bombarded by commercials for the magazine you always begged your parents to buy (but of course, they never did 😕)...

    Nickelodeon / Via

    Why Nickelodeon? Why torture us with all THOSE commercials?! Preying upon our young consumer vulnerabilities!

    7. ...along with commercials for Skip-It.


    "The very best thing of all! There's a counter on the ball! So try to beat your very best score! See if you can jump a whole lot more!"

    8. Flip around the channels. Dream of getting a reading by the QUEEN of psychic readings, Miss Cleo.

    9. Once you got sick of commercials, you try to figure out what's on and pick up a TV Guide...


    10. ...or flip it over to the TV Guide Channel and pray to God that it hasn't scrolled past your favorite channels.

    TV Guide Channel / Via


    11. Now, it's 8:00 pm on a Friday. You're watching SNICK.

    Nickelodeon / Via

    12. Better yet, you're on the SNICK couch with the gosh dang Spice Girls.

    Nickelodeon / Via


    13. Grab a Disney cup. The Lion King one was always good luck.


    Really, these were your first valuable piece of houseware.

    14. And you know what, take it from Geri: Eat whatever you want. Carbs weren't even a thing back then!

    You know you were all about BAGEL BITES!!!!

    15. After an episode of Are You Afraid Of The Dark?, you decide to scare yourself even more with a Goosebumps book.


    Then you try to fall asleep but all you can think about is Slappy the Dummy.

    16. Fast forward a couple years later, when you say you're over Nickelodeon (even though you still secretly watch it). Your main form of entertainment is this bad boy.

    17. Log in. Go through that annoying-as-hell start up menu.

    #90skidproblems it was really an issue

    18. Sign onto AIM.

    19. Put up a CAREFULLY crafted away message.

    LBH, you probably spent more time thinking of your away message than the actual amount of time you were away.

    20. Get a bowl cut and argue about the Backstreet Boys vs. NSYNC. The usual.

    21. Pretend to stay home sick from school. Watch trashy daytime talk shows.

    Warner Bros. Television Distribution / Via

    Jerry, Maury, Sally Jessy, Jenny Jones...

    22. Browse through your favorite magazine. Rip pictures out. Tape them on your wall. Make it one big messy collage.

    Time Inc.

    23. Turn on TRL, wonder why Nelly wore a band-aid.

    24. Listen to Britney.

    CBS / Via

    Maybe you also did a little choreography and lip-synching while ~listening~ along.

    25. Be jealous of the most perfect couple EVER.

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    26. If you were lucky, you could con one of your friend's parents to give you a ride to the mall.

    27. And at the mall you can take in that sweet Taco Bell scenery. Fast food just isn't the same anymore... it's nice now.

    28. Get home. Illegally download music. Pray it's the real song and not a fake.


    Nothing was more upsetting than getting ready to sing-along only to find out it's low-quality radio rip.

    29. Go back on AIM. Leave up a shady away message.

    ugh Sundays!!!!! Lol (inside joke w my friends sorry if u don't get it)

    30. Update your subprofile. Take a MySpace quiz. Make sure your iPod mini is charged.

    Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

    Also, uploading all your new illegally download tracks onto your Mini.

    31. Turn on Laguna Beach. Try to fall asleep. Fail. Actually fall asleep. Repeat it all again the next day.

    Getty Images

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