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Seventeen Magazine Covers That Immortalized 1998 In Pop Culture

15-years-ago in a nutshell: Leo DiCaprio, Leo DiCaprio, LEO!

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Jan. 1998: A 16-year-old Natalie Portman landed the cover and she posed in a faux fur jacket, of course. Also, they apparently made cool clothes for bigger sizes, but I'm sure the "fat girl" they interviewed told them about it.

March 1998: Katie Holmes took us behind the scenes of Dawson’s Creek. Also, Claire Danes talked about LEO! Oh, and some other stuff too.


Essential absurd quiz of the month: “How far would you go for a friend?” I think we can all safely say it depends what we get in return.

April 1998: A young Tyra opened up about her bad dates. Plus: 25 life changing things we had to know about Leo.


Essential absurd quiz of the month: None. We were too busy pondering why we love Matt Damon and Ben Affleck!


May 1998: OMG... LEO! His bad boy school days and what it is like to kiss him -- there was just so much we didn't learn the month before.


Essential absurd quiz of the month: "Are you psychic?” I’ll answer that for you now: NO.

Sept. 1998: Brandy talked about her music and Moesha. But did she also talk about her feud with Monica? The Titanic poster inside is undoubtedly a Leo poster. Also Jewel was in a movie?!


Essential absurd quiz of the month: "How weird is your family?” When you’re 17, the answer is very, with an eye-roll.


Oct. 1998: Felicity was the new it girl -- really it was her hair. And we learned "how to get over him." I think they were talking about Leo.

Essential absurd quiz of the month: “Is he crushing back?” You should just ask him.

Dec. 1998: We meet TV's Topanga (aka Danielle Fishel). Plus we learned who the worst celebs were.


Essential absurd quiz of the month: No quiz. We had a much more existential question: Who was going to inherit Leo's throne (and his magical kingdom of Victoria Secret models)?