We Rode Disneyland's "Rise Of The Resistance" To See If It's Worth The Hype — Here's What We Thought

    Impressive...most impressive.

    Hi! We're Brian and Crystal, and we're officially obsessed with all things Star Wars. So, we decided to brave LA rush hour traffic and drive down to Disneyland to check out the brand new and super-hyped Rise of the Resistance ride! Here's what we thought...

    Fair warning: many ride spoilers aheadI

    1. Yay, R2-D2 is here to greet us!! (I wonder if he’ll be hanging out here all the time?)

    2. We’re already excited and all we see are rocks.

    3. Oh wow, a pretty waterfall!

    4. This lantern looks a lot like the one Luke had in The Empire Strikes Back (although not EXACTLY the same).

    5. Ha! They carved “seats” into the queue line...smart.

    6. Wait, there are A LOT of carved seats — um, does that mean there is going to be lots of long waits?

    7. Loving all the sound effects in here. It feels like we’re REALLY on a rebel base.

    8. Ooh, they have Resistance flight suits in these cages...and is that Finn’s bacta suit???

    9. Just a case full of thermal detonators, NBD.

    10. Loving the Resistance light-up charts (IDK what these are officially called?!).

    11. BB-8!! Ah, he’s even cuter in real life.

    12. A transmission from Rey — how cool is this hologram effect?

    13. OK, I really like how they’re keeping the old-school Star Wars aesthetic for the computer graphics and the set designs.

    14. Ooooooh Poe’s X-wing! And it looks like the one from The Force Awakens?

    15. This transport ship looks like the one Leia arrived in in Force Awakens, too. INTERESTING.

    16. Lieutenant Beck!!! Awww Admiral Ackbar’s son is piloting us along with Nien Nunb!

    17. Wow, was not expecting this ship to actually rock around and move.

    18. Cool to see us actually taking off from Black Spire Outpost…

    19. ...also, it’s like matching the time of day it is outside?! NICE DETAIL DISNEY.

    20. Legitimately enjoying the view out the back and front of this transport even though we’re being taken prisoner by the First Order. LOL...oops?

    21. Ah, they’ve caught us...and they’re about to board the transport…

    22. WOOOOOOOW.

    23. OK, can we just live inside this Star Destroyer?

    24. This legitimately feels like we’re in the movie.

    25. The stormtroopers are actually moving!!! (Like, slightly moving, but it looks cool!)

    26. How many pictures is too many pictures to take in here?

    27. Time to head towards our interrogation. Super chill.

    28. Look how shiny the floors are...JUST LIKE THE MOVIES!

    29. You sort of forget you’re in a line — everything blends in and feels real.

    30. Ohhh, the people here are IN. CHARACTER. Very into that.

    31. OK, these cast members who are playing the First Order troops are really, really intimidating!

    32. This interrogation room is cramped. If you’re claustrophobic, this might be a lot LOL.

    33. I love how the projections of Kylo and General Hux actually cast a shadow?!

    34. Guess we’re in trouble.

    35. Voices! Finn, is that you???

    36. Was NOT expecting them to cut a door out in the wall? SO COOL?!?!

    37. Time for the actual ~RIDE~ on this RIDE!

    38. There’s so much to look at, and the ride hasn’t even started.

    39. Here we go! The doors are opening.

    40. :-o

    41. This trackless ride is IMPRESSIVE. Most impressive.

    42. Aww, the droids on the transport vehicles are talking to each other!!!

    43. OMG, an Imperial probe droid!!

    44. LOL stormtroopers continuing to have terrible aim.

    45. This ride moves backward a lot…

    46. This is super immersive and, also, we just realized you can’t see anyone else, other than the other vehicle that left with us!

    47. WOW seeing AT-ATs IRL is intense (but awesome)!

    48. Oh, hey Finn!! HERE TO SAVE US.

    49. Ahhhhh...going up!

    50. The special effects to create the damage to the ship by the shots fired from the AT-ATs is really impressive.

    51. Kylo and Hux!! The comedy duo we never knew we needed.

    52. Wait, those animatronics of Kylo and Hux are way too realistic!!!

    53. Byeeeeee

    54. Kylo.

    55. KYLO!!!

    56. How did they do that effect of Kylo’s lightsaber cutting into the ceiling???!!!!

    57. OMG, these canons are intense.

    58. Honestly, we could just sit here and watch the space battle going on outside all day long.

    59. The space battle going on outside actually has, like, depth...how did they do that?!

    60. Damn, Kylo really wants us (hehe).

    61. Booooooom! Sorry, bye Kylo.

    62. Ah, the music is *Italian chef's kiss*

    63. This seems precarious…

    64. OMG!!!!!!!!!


    66. THIS. IS. A. LOT. BUT. ALSO. SO. FUN.

    67. Annnnd, of course we crash landed.

    68. Oh, hey, Beck! Glad you made it out of this alive, too!

    69. LOL, one more backward ride for the road.

    70. DAMN. That was FUUUUUUN. Can we go again?