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    24 Mind-Blowing Details And Easter Eggs At Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge That Will Make You Say, "I Love This!"

    Strong with references this land is!

    So, as you probably already know (especially if you're a Star Wars and/or Disney fan), Disneyland just opened its most epic and immersive land it has ever built: Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

    And while Galaxy's Edge is set in the time period of the current trilogy, the land has many, many hidden gems that pay tribute to the classic trilogy, prequels, spin-off films, and even the cartoons.

    Of course, we would love to list them all, but there are so many it would would be literally impossible. So here are some of the ones we spotted and loved:

    1. The cargo ship above the Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo has three containers, each one has a different number on it, 77, 80, 83 — which represents the year each film from the original trilogy was released.

    2. Hondo Ohnaka*, the pirate who gives you your mission on Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run, is a character who appears in the cartoon series Clone Wars and Rebels.

    3. Ronto Roasters has a podracer engine "cooking meat" (a nod to the podracing scene from Phantom Menace)...

    4. ...while the droid working the grill is the same type of droid that is seen torturing another droid (by burning its feet) in Jabba's Palace in Return of the Jedi.

    5. There are some subtle droid marks on the ground across from the upcoming Rise of the Resistance ride and they actually belong to R2-D2.

    6. The Toydarian Toymaker shop sign is a nod to Watto from Phantom Menace.

    7. A wooden Stormtrooper doll that sits in the shop is an exact replica of the one a young Jyn Erso had in Rogue One.

    8. A toy replica of Jabba the Hutt's sail barge from Return of the Jedi sits on one of the shelves as well (with Naboo N-1 fighters in the background and a Jawa Sandcrawler to the side).

    9. One of the coolest hidden gems in the shop is these marionettes of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader from their final dual in A New Hope.

    10. There is even a Solo Easter egg, outside the shop is a toy version of Han Solo's Mobquet M-68 landspeeder.

    11. The Creature Stall allows you to buy exotic pets seen in films and cartoon series, like wampas, tauntauns, banthas, porgs, and Kowakian monkey-lizards.

    12. Inside the Droid Depot all are sorts of nods to droids seen in the movies, like an Imperial enforcer droid (like K-2SO from Rogue One)...

    13. ...and the head of a battle droid from the prequels.

    14. There is even an Imperial probe droid hidden within the junk behind the Depot.

    But, if there is one place in Galaxy's Edge that is bursting at the seams with hidden gems it has to be Dok-Ondar's Den of Antiquities.

    15. Hidden among Dok-Ondar's collection is a golden statue head of Jar Jar Binks (maybe it's a subtle nod to "false idols"?).

    16. A Medal of Bravery, like the ones we saw Luke and Han receive at the end of A New Hope.

    17. Mounted taxidermy heads of creatures including a tauntaun and a nexu (from Attack of the Clones).

    18. A Darth Maul statue and a Mandalorian helmet (maybe this will tie into the upcoming Mandalorian TV series?).

    19. There's even a taxidermy wampa, that looks like he is ready to eat you!!!

    20. It's easy to miss, but you can spot the black spire that gives Black Spire Outpost its name outside Dok-Ondar's shop, too.

    21. Inside the Cantina, there's an image of Ponda Baba's arm on the side of this tank above the bar.

    22. And you can see a Worrt (the frog-like creature outside Jabba's palace in Return of the Jedi) above the bar, in a tank of "Jabba's Juice."

    23. Also keep your eye out for all the cool drink names and handles on the taps!

    24. And finally, there's a hidden Mickey on the side of this building across from Ronto Roasters.

    Have fun exploring the hidden gems of Galaxy's Edge and...