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    11 Celebrity #TBT Pics You Need To See This Week

    A very late ’90s photo of Reese Witherspoon kicks off this week’s edition of #ThrowbackThursday!

    1. Reese Witherspoon shared this photo of herself at a premiere looking like the epitome of late-'90s chic.

    2. Joseph Gordon-Levitt posted this photo of when he guest starred on That '70s Show in 1998.

    3. Drew Barrymore remembered her role in Stephen King's 1985 film, Cat's Eye.

    4. Madonna posted this photo of herself from the first shoot she ever did with celebrity photographer Steven Meisel in the '80s.

    5. In honor of her baby sister's (Roslyn Kind) birthday, Barbra Streisand shared this photo of the two of them in the early '50s.

    6. Adam DeVine shared his very early '00s senior class photo.

    7. Naomi Campbell posted this very stunning photo of herself.

    8. Danny Trejo remembered when he and Michelle Rodriguez promoted their film, Machete Kills, at Comicpalooza in 2013.

    #TBT 2013 at Comicpalooza with one of my favorite badasses @MRodOfficial!

    9. Halle Berry shared this very glam looking #TBT.

    10. Alanis Morissette remembered the big hair she rocked 20 years ago.

    hair as security blanket. #tbt #1998

    11. And finally, Miss Piggy shared this pic of herself from the '70s.

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