15 Easter Eggs In "Soul" That You Totally Missed

    This might be the Pixar film with the most Easter eggs ever!

    We can all agree that Pixar has been making some of the best movies of the last 25-plus years. And on top of being great films, they're also ones that are filled with so many Easter eggs that spotting them has become part of the tradition of watching the movies.

    Woody holding on to the back of a car in Toy Story

    Of course, Pixar's latest movie, Soul, is no exception. And in celebration of the film being released on Blu-ray and digitally, the folks over at Disney shared some very hidden Easter eggs you might have missed the first time around.

    Joe talking on the phone and crossing the street

    1. In the scene where Joe is walking and talking on his cell phone, he goes by a mailbox that has been graffitied by Sid from Toy Story:

    2. Rex can be seen flying out of a box in the scene where Terry accidentally almost traps Paul:

    3. In the scene with the training film, you can see the souls practicing on the archery targets from Brave:

    The scene where Joe and 22 walk into the Hall of Everything is chock-full of Easter eggs.

    4. Like the iconic Pizza Planet truck, which can be seen parked near the bottom left:

    5. Willy's Butte, a rock formation from Cars, is in the middle left:

    6. Next to Willy's Butte is the whale from Finding Nemo:

    7. Luxo the lamp can be seen interacting with some souls directly under the whale:

    8. While behind Luxo is the streetcar from Coco:

    9. In the far back upper-right, you can see the outline of the Axiom, the spaceship from WALL-E:

    10. Below the Axiom, you can see the spires of the Princess Dream World castle:

    11. Next to the castle is the pyramid from Coco:

    12. And on the far right, next to the pyramid, is the Ferris wheel from Toy Story 4:

    13. Outside of The Half Note Club, there is a parking sign with the numbers 020386 on it — that stands for Feb. 3, 1986, the day that Pixar was founded:

    14. There is an ad on the subway for Brang, which is the company that Riley's dad from Inside Out works for (and he wears a T-shirt for it throughout the movie):

    15. And finally, Joe walks by a travel agency that has a poster up with a picture of a seaside town and "Visit Portorosso" written on it. This is an Easter egg for the upcoming Pixar movie Luca, as Portorosso is the town where the film takes place:

    Soul is out now on Blu-ray and digital. You can also stream the film over on Disney+.