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    Updated on Jan 22, 2020. Posted on Jan 19, 2020

    If You're Not An Old Millennial, Then None Of These '90s Kids Things Will Really Make Sense To You

    "TAKE ME BACK!" — You, reading this

    1. Running to this store first whenever you went to the mall:

    Tim Boyle / Getty Images

    2. And wanting to buy EVERYTHING in the Warner Bros. Studio Store any time you went into it:

    Evan Agostini / Getty Images

    3. Watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch and wishing you had magical powers...

    Randy Holmes / Walt Disney Television via Getty

    4. ...and a sassy cat like Salem:


    5. Knowing the struggle of trying to play Game Boy whenever you were somewhere just slightly dark:

    6. Knowing NEVER to use your mom's Elvis stamps 'cause they were "collectible":

    7. Thinking you were so cool 'cause you had Yikes! pencils:

    8. Believing this was true and then trying and having it smear the ink or make a hole in your paper instead:

    9. Listening to this album over and over and over whenever you were on long car trips with your parents:

    Paramount/ Epic Soundtrax

    10. Thinking you were hot shit 'cause you owned this CD:

    11. Looking through this book over and over — also having your mom not "feel comfortable" with you owning it because Bart was showing his butt on the cover:

    12. Enjoying a Hostess Turtle Pie for dessert or as an afternoon snack:

    13. Or enjoying a "healthy" Kudos bar as an afternoon snack:

    Tami Dunn /

    14. Owning this VHS copy of The Little Mermaid and never being unable to see the penises on it after you heard the urban rumor:

    15. Wearing this gum like it was a real beeper:

    16. Watching Saved by the Bell: The New Class and just missing the original cast (it was never the same):

    Nbc / Getty Images

    17. Having the Chicken Tonight jingle stuck in your head all the time:

    Travis Doucette /

    18. Playing this game and getting frustrated after 10 minutes of not being able to score one shot:

    welovethe90s_ /

    19. Drinking from one of these Garfield cups and wondering where the hell they came from:

    20. Watching Dinosaurs and being more than a little freaked out by the giant puppets:

    Abc Photo Archives / Getty Images

    21. Low-key thinking the intro to Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego was better than the rest of the show:

    22. Drinking the deliciousness that was Cookies 'n Cream Quik:

    23. Watching the Amazin' Fruit gummy bears doing the conga line commercial at least 12 times a day:

    Consumer Time Capsule /

    24. Thinking Breyer's Viennetta was the fanciest dessert you could get:


    25. Having at least one phone in your house look like this (usually in the kitchen or basement):

    26. Having one of these phone numbers lists near your family's phone in the kitchen:

    27. Always wanting to sit on the cheeseburger stools at McDonald's...

    28. ...and sitting on these spring riders on the playground and not realizing how creepy they were:

    29. Having someone in your family own this The Far Side Gallery book (every family had a copy!):

    30. Touching these vinyl-y feeling Nintendo cartridge slip-covers:

    31. Being completely terrified at the intro to Are You Afraid of the Dark?:


    32. Getting excited whenever your parents packed Squeezits in your lunchbox for you...

    33. ...or getting even more excited if you found a Lunchables in your lunchbox:

    34. Owning these Star Wars trilogy VHS tapes (which were pre-Special Edition):


    35. Using one of these change machines any time you went to an arcade:

    36. Getting excited whenever you got Geoffrey Dollars for your birthday:

    37. Also, the little joy you got carrying your Toys "R" Us purchase in one of these bags:

    38. Owning a portable CD player like this and protecting it 'cause that shit was NOT cheap:

    39. Watching The Price Is Right with Bob Barker whenever you stayed home sick from school:

    Denny Keeler / Getty Images

    40. Getting excited whenever you saw one of these being rolled into your classroom:

    41. Hurting your fingers whenever you checked the power level on your batteries:

    42. Wanting a Talkboy, badly, so that you could play pranks like Kevin McCallister:

    43. Wondering if you had a secret twin out there (at least once) when watching Sister, Sister:

    Abc Photo Archives / Getty Images

    44. Getting frustrated every week when they found a new way to hide Wilson's face on Home Improvement:

    Bob D'amico / Getty Images

    45. Getting upset if your Puppy Surprise only came with two or three puppies instead of five:

    46. Using floppy disks that looked like this:

    47. Thinking Hard Rock Cafe T-shirts were the coolest souvenirs:

    48. Singing along to the theme song to Animaniacs as soon as you heard it:

    Fox Television

    49. Thinking that Anastasia was a Disney movie:

    20th Century Fox

    50. And finally, BEGGING your parents for an iMac and thinking you would never need another computer again:

    Getty Images

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