If You're Not An Old Millennial, Then None Of These '90s Kids Things Will Really Make Sense To You

    "TAKE ME BACK!" — You, reading this

    1. Running to this store first whenever you went to the mall:

    2. And wanting to buy EVERYTHING in the Warner Bros. Studio Store any time you went into it:

    3. Watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch and wishing you had magical powers...

    4. ...and a sassy cat like Salem:

    5. Knowing the struggle of trying to play Game Boy whenever you were somewhere just slightly dark:

    6. Knowing NEVER to use your mom's Elvis stamps 'cause they were "collectible":

    7. Thinking you were so cool 'cause you had Yikes! pencils:

    8. Believing this was true and then trying and having it smear the ink or make a hole in your paper instead:

    9. Listening to this album over and over and over whenever you were on long car trips with your parents:

    10. Thinking you were hot shit 'cause you owned this CD:

    11. Looking through this book over and over — also having your mom not "feel comfortable" with you owning it because Bart was showing his butt on the cover:

    12. Enjoying a Hostess Turtle Pie for dessert or as an afternoon snack:

    13. Or enjoying a "healthy" Kudos bar as an afternoon snack:

    14. Owning this VHS copy of The Little Mermaid and never being unable to see the penises on it after you heard the urban rumor:

    15. Wearing this gum like it was a real beeper:

    16. Watching Saved by the Bell: The New Class and just missing the original cast (it was never the same):

    17. Having the Chicken Tonight jingle stuck in your head all the time:

    18. Playing this game and getting frustrated after 10 minutes of not being able to score one shot:

    19. Drinking from one of these Garfield cups and wondering where the hell they came from:

    20. Watching Dinosaurs and being more than a little freaked out by the giant puppets:

    21. Low-key thinking the intro to Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego was better than the rest of the show:

    22. Drinking the deliciousness that was Cookies 'n Cream Quik:

    23. Watching the Amazin' Fruit gummy bears doing the conga line commercial at least 12 times a day:

    24. Thinking Breyer's Viennetta was the fanciest dessert you could get:

    25. Having at least one phone in your house look like this (usually in the kitchen or basement):

    26. Having one of these phone numbers lists near your family's phone in the kitchen:

    27. Always wanting to sit on the cheeseburger stools at McDonald's...

    28. ...and sitting on these spring riders on the playground and not realizing how creepy they were:

    29. Having someone in your family own this The Far Side Gallery book (every family had a copy!):

    30. Touching these vinyl-y feeling Nintendo cartridge slip-covers:

    31. Being completely terrified at the intro to Are You Afraid of the Dark?:

    32. Getting excited whenever your parents packed Squeezits in your lunchbox for you...

    33. ...or getting even more excited if you found a Lunchables in your lunchbox:

    34. Owning these Star Wars trilogy VHS tapes (which were pre-Special Edition):

    35. Using one of these change machines any time you went to an arcade:

    36. Getting excited whenever you got Geoffrey Dollars for your birthday:

    37. Also, the little joy you got carrying your Toys "R" Us purchase in one of these bags:

    38. Owning a portable CD player like this and protecting it 'cause that shit was NOT cheap:

    39. Watching The Price Is Right with Bob Barker whenever you stayed home sick from school:

    40. Getting excited whenever you saw one of these being rolled into your classroom:

    41. Hurting your fingers whenever you checked the power level on your batteries:

    42. Wanting a Talkboy, badly, so that you could play pranks like Kevin McCallister:

    43. Wondering if you had a secret twin out there (at least once) when watching Sister, Sister:

    44. Getting frustrated every week when they found a new way to hide Wilson's face on Home Improvement:

    45. Getting upset if your Puppy Surprise only came with two or three puppies instead of five:

    46. Using floppy disks that looked like this:

    47. Thinking Hard Rock Cafe T-shirts were the coolest souvenirs:

    48. Singing along to the theme song to Animaniacs as soon as you heard it:

    49. Thinking that Anastasia was a Disney movie:

    50. And finally, BEGGING your parents for an iMac and thinking you would never need another computer again: