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What The Spice Girls Looked Like When They Released Their First Album Vs. Now

Zig-a-zig-ah! It'll be 20 years (this November) since this iconic group released their debut album!!!

Ginger Spice: Geri Halliwell

Fun facts: Their smash debut single "Wannabe" was written and recorded in less than an hour. The girls also co-wrote the song.

Also, they almost called themselves the Spicy Girls, but nixed that idea when they discovered that there was a porn site by the same name.

Sporty Spice: Mel C

Fun fact: Mel C, Mel B, Geri Halliwell, and Victoria Beckham all auditioned (separately) for the group in 1993 after seeing a casting call for a girl group in a magazine called The Stage. While they did not audition as a group, they did all know each other, since they were always going to the same auditions.

Baby Spice: Emma Bunton

Fun facts: Bunton was not an original member of the group; she replaced the original fifth member Michelle Stephenson, who left the group due to an illness in her family and because she wanted to go to college. Also, when Bunton joined the group, they were named Touch.

Scary Spice: Mel B

Fun fact: The girls did not come up with their own iconic nicknames. According to Mel C, the names came from the editor of Top of the Pops magazine, who decided to give them nicknames in a feature the magazine was running on the group. After the issue came out, the names stuck.

Posh Spice: Victoria Beckham (formerly Adams)

Fun fact: Victoria didn't know David Beckham; she was introduced to him by the group's manager Simon Fuller — who happened to be a HUGE fan of the team David played for, Manchester United — after a game.

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Bonus fact: Reportedly the classic "zig-a-zig-ah" line originated from the phrase "shit and cigars," which was the way the group referred to a man who shared the restroom with them at the recording studio they used who had the habit of smoking cigars while on the john. Now listen to "Wannabe" again and see if you can imagine them singing "shit and cigars":

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