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    Here's What Betty White And 18 Other Celebrities Shared This Week For #TBT

    A baby Kat Dennings kicks off this week's #ThrowbackThursday!

    1. In celebration of her mom's birthday, Kat Dennings shared this photo of her mom holding her as a baby in the late '80s:

    2. Will Smith posted this photo of himself with his siblings in the late '70s, as well as a current one of them:

    3. While Nicole Kidman posted this photo of herself in the mid-'70s, as well as one of herself today:

    4. Reese Witherspoon shared this photo of herself and her daughter, Ava, on the set of Little Nicky in 1999:

    5. Gal Gadot posted this photo Zack Synder took of her in 2014, during her camera test for Batman v Superman:

    6. Viola Davis shared this stunning photo of herself from the 2010s:

    7. Tom Felton posted this photo from his Harry Potter days — and I'm not going to lie, this does look like the cover art for a mixtape:

    Twitter: @TomFelton

    8. Julia Roberts posted this photo of herself and her mom in the early '70s:

    9. Sarah Michelle Gellar celebrated the 28th anniversary of her first appearance on All My Children by posting this promo photo she took for the show:

    10. David Beckham shared this photo of himself and his little sister in the early '80s, in celebration of her birthday:

    11. In honor of Smokey Robinson's 81st birthday, Diana Ross shared this clip from when she inducted her fellow living legend into the NAACP Image Awards Hall of Fame in 2000:

    12. Jane Fonda remembered when she accompanied her son, Troy Garity, to the Golden Globes in 2004. He was nominated for Best Actor Performance in a Miniseries or Television Film for the movie Soldier's Girl:

    13. Lenny Kravitz shared this photo from when he was on his 1991 Mama Said Tour:

    TBT. Mama Said Tour. London, UK. Pembridge Court Hotel. #tbt 📸: David Hindley

    Twitter: @LennyKravitz

    14. Paul McCartney remembered George Harrison on what would've been his 78th birthday by sharing this photo of the two of them in the late '60s:

    15. Hillary Clinton threw back to her early '90s headband days:

    16. Amy Sedaris remembered when she appeared in the "Apartment Hunters" episode of Broad City in 2014:

    17. In honor of Josh Gad's 40th birthday, Luke Evans posted this photo of the two of them on the set of their 2017 film, Beauty and the Beast:

    18. Hugh Jackman shared this hilarious video clip of himself and John Travolta performing "Summer Nights" while promoting their 2001 film, Swordfish:

    19. And lastly, Betty White shared this video montage of her early '70s TV show Betty White's Pet Set, in celebration of it being released onto Amazon Prime Video: