55 Things All Early '90s Kids Will Never Forget

    It was the time of neon EVERYTHING.

    1. You understand how important choosing the right fanny pack was.

    2. That Bubble Tape was "six feet of bubble gum -- for you, not them."

    3. Wondering why TLC wore fried eggs on their clothes.

    4. Being excited whenever the new Disney Adventures magazine would arrive in the mail.

    And, of course, you would instantly flip through it to read the celebrity interviews and comics.

    5. Thinking you looked fly dressed in head-to-toe in neon...

    6. ...or that you could totally pull off Cross Colours clothing.

    You really needed those $60 Crayola green jeans in your life!

    7. Accessorizing your look with an all-too-important peace sign necklace.

    8. How this is the first image that pops into your head when somebody says "supermodels":

    9. That Mark Wahlberg will ALWAYS be Marky Mark.

    10. How there was NO ONE more badass than Erotica-era Madonna.

    11. The deliciousness that were these treats:

    12. Getting home from school and immediately turning on the TV to watch The Disney Afternoon.

    13. How, before Sarah Michelle Gellar became Buffy Summers, she was HBIC Sydney Rutledge on Swans Crossing.

    14. The struggle of getting your Hypercolor T-shirt to change colors in a spot other than your armpits.

    15. Learning a bunch of obscure pop culture references thanks to Tiny Toons.

    16. Watching Regis and Kathie Lee whenever you stayed home sick from school...

    17. ...and of course, The Price Is Right with Bob Barker.

    18. The unrivaled style icon that was Blossom.

    So. Many. Hats.

    19. That no one will ever come close to portraying Catwoman as perfectly as Michelle Pfeiffer did.

    20. Getting up early on Saturday mornings to watch Saved by the Bell.

    21. And totally wanting to have a relationship like Zack and Kelly's.

    22. Thinking you and your friends should start a band like the teens on California Dreams.

    23. The excitement you felt when you got your Super Nintendo.

    24. Getting an extra dose of Mario at school while learning how to type during computer time.

    25. Listening to the Jurassic Park soundtrack over and over.

    26. Learning all the words to your favorite Disney songs thanks to these:

    And also the words to songs from movies you've never seen.

    27. Playing these awesome board games with your friends during slumber parties:

    28. How there will never be a better Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie than this one:

    29. Wanting the "Sports" model of a Sony boombox or Walkman.

    30. TGIF included Perfect Strangers...

    31. ...and Dinosaurs.

    32. Learning way too much about sex -- through double entendres -- while watching Studs.

    But seriously, why was this show on right after afternoon cartoons?!

    33. Eating it while trying to impress your friends with your rollerblading skills.

    34. That New Kids on the Block were the ultimate boy band.

    35. Learning about science with Beakman's World.

    36. Your first stops at the mall were always to Imaginarium...

    37. ...and The Disney Store.

    And saving your cute Disney Store bag so that you could reuse it later.

    38. The pleasure you got from pumping up your Reeboks.

    39. Being excited whenever you were allowed to use one of these during class -- even if the buttons were stuck half the time.

    40. Knowing that Kris Kross "will make you jump, jump."

    41. Wanting to be as cool as the teens on Beverly Hills, 90210.

    42. And being either Team Brandon or Team Dylan.

    43. Never actually getting to taste Crystal Pepsi.

    44. How this was the best (aka easiest) way to play catch.

    45. Laughing until you cried while watching In Living Color.

    46. Quenching your thirst with one of these delicious sugary drinks.

    47. Being able to practice your bow and arrow skills thanks to Nerf.

    48. Rocking a hip-hop Looney Tunes T-shirt.

    49. Hoping you could be as clever as Parker Lewis.

    50. Feeling too cool for school with your clock backpack.

    51. Wanting to be BFFs with Macaulay Culkin, 'cause he was like the coolest kid ever.

    52. Having to watch The Simpsons behind your parents' back because it was "not a show for children."

    53. Being envious of that kid in class who had a Bart Simpson T-shirt.

    That is, if your school didn't ban them.

    54. Getting a slap bracelet and immediately turning it into a weapon.

    55. Watching The New Mickey Mouse Club... and having no idea that the cast was full of future superstars.