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    40 Things From The '00s That Have Been Buried In The Deepest Recesses Of Your Brain For The Last 10 Years

    A post for anyone who has forgotten that they once dialed Peter1 to get the Family Guy theme song as a ringtone.


    1. When Lance Bass thought he could join the Russian Space Program and become a cosmonaut:

    2. Jessica Simpson released a line of edible body lotions and beauty products:

    3. Those nature sounds CD display cases at Target that always had like three that didn't even work:

    4. Those annoying and terrifying rat-hamster monsters that sang about their love of Quiznos:

    5. P. Diddy proclaiming how Proactiv kept his skin "sexy":

    6. iPods that came in those giant cube boxes:

    7. The standing iPods chargers that came with a huge plug:

    8. And U2 doing one of those iPod commercials to promote their special edition iPod:

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    9. Kristen Wiig playing "Dr. Pat" on the hoax reality show The Joe Schmo Show:

    10. Cargo, which was the male version of Lucky magazine (RIP both):

    11. The "Got Milk?" commercial that featured The Avengers:

    12. Jennifer Lopez's restaurant, Madre's:

    13. The scary AF anti-DVD piracy PSA that played before movies that basically made you feel like you were going to jail if you just saw a bootleg DVD on the street:

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    14. Christina Aguilera's ad campaign for Skechers:

    15. That Shirley Temple DVD collection commercial that — seriously — played every five minutes on Cartoon Network:

    16. Grocery stores that jumped on the Atkins Diet trend and sold nothing but low-carb food:

    17. Sarah Jessica Parker as the spokesperson for the Gap:

    18. And Madonna's "A New Groove, A New Jean" Gap ad campaign, which also featured Missy Elliot:

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    19. SNL's "TV Funhouse" ⁠— which was always the best thing about any episode:

    20. Steve & Barry's stores, that sold eerily-cheap clothing and accessories:

    21. Those "Free Winona [Ryder]" T-shirts:

    22. This poster of the Kiss by Tanya Chalkin, which like almost every college guy had in his room:

    23. Kool Stuff Oreo toaster pastries, which tasted like next-level Oreos:

    24. Joe Millionaire, which was another reality show about tricking people:

    25. Hilary Duff's tween line — Stuff by Hilary Duff — which was sold at Target:

    26. ALF who appeared in a bunch of commercials for long-distance provider 10-10-220:

    27. VideoNow, which was really the HitClips of video players:

    28. Bumpits — which was for anyone trying to get hair to look somewhere between Snooki and Amy Winehouse:

    29. This dinosaur mascot that was really into Kraft Macaroni & Cheese:

    30. These Old Navy shopping bags (usually filled with dollar flip-flops and bootcut jeans):

    31. The Fantanas, who could've totally been a real girl group:

    32. Libby Lu, which was the SPOT for tween girl birthday parties:

    33. Removing your car radio's faceplate so that no one could steal it:

    34. Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert's hilarious "Even Stevphen" segment on The Daily Show:

    35. "Make 7-Up Yours!" 7-Up campaign that starred Orlando Jones:

    36. DVDs that came in cardboard cases and had a double-sided DVD (one side for full-screen and the for widescreen):

    37. Catherine Zeta-Jones (who really delivered the "Get more" tagline) as the spokesperson for T-Mobile:

    38. The old-school Windows Media Player that had the most mesmerizing screensavers:

    39. Family Guy ringtones you had to text to get and also pay for:

    40. And finally, NSYNC's Chili's "Baby Back Ribs" commercial:

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