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    Remember When Madonna Starred In A Gap Campaign?

    Ten years ago, Madge was all about “A New Groove, A New Jean,” and Missy Elliott.

    In 2003, the Gap announced they had gotten Madonna, the ultimate a fashion icon, as the face of their fall campaign, called “A New Groove, A New Jean.”

    While Madonna was no stranger to fashion ad campaigns -- she had famously been the face of Versace in 1995 -- this was her first foray into a lower-end brand.

    Missy Elliot also fell into the Gap.

    There was even a limited edition CD of Madonna’s latest single “Hollywood” (remixed by Missy), which of course was available exclusively at Gap stores.

    But the most memorable part of the campaign was the catchy “Into the Hollywood Groove” commercial:

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    Mainly because Missy upstaged Madonna.

    And she was not having it.

    In the end it all paid off -- Madonna helped the chain get their financial groove back.