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    28 Things All '90s Kids Who Grew Up On Disney Will Relate To

    You'll definitely see "I-2-I" with a few of these...

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    1. Watching these classics...

    ....over and over again:


    Both at the theater and at home, on video.

    2. Going through an obsessed-with-all-things-Lion-King phase:

    Boston Globe / Getty Images

    3. Making your parents take you to Pizza Hut to try to get all the Beauty and the Beast hand puppets:

    Sure, you could get a better Belle toy at Toys 'R' Us, but there was something about it being a hand puppet that made you want it even more.

    4. And making your parents drive to different McDonald's in order to collect the entire Disney Masterpiece Collection Happy Meal toys:

    And of course, ending up getting the same one over and over again.

    5. Without even trying, mysteriously accumulating a collection of these books:

    Of course, you'd carefully organize them on your bookshelf.

    6. Drinking some Sunny D from one of these classy AF cups...


    Even though the art eventually started to fade after using it too much.

    7. ...and eating your afternoon snack on one of these:


    Maybe even your dinner if your parents were ~cool~.

    8. Learning all the words to your favorite songs — and rewatching them over and over — with the original YouTube, Disney’s Sing Along Songs videos:

    Even though a lot of songs were from movies you'd never even seen!

    9. Also singing along in the car to these soundtracks:


    And let's be honest, your parents probably sang along to them too.

    10. Running home early to catch The Disney Afternoon:

    View this video on YouTube

    It was all about Chip 'n' Dale: Rescue Rangers, Darkwing Duck, TaleSpin, Goof Troop, and Gargoyles.

    11. The absolute struggle of trying to open a brand-new one of these without cutting yourself to pieces:


    And if you managed not to slice your hand trying to open it, you then had to be careful not to tear the book apart while trying pull it out.

    12. Having a few handheld games for long car trips or times when your parents knew you'd be bored:


    13. Being careful about which character's card you gave out to your BFF or crush on Valentine's Day:


    BFFs and crushes got the cool characters, while kids you didn't care for got secondary characters.

    14. Thinking that Disney had an actual vault where they stored unsold VHS copies of movies:


    15. Finding one of these at the bottom of your cereal box and watching it change color when you ate breakfast:


    Back when it was cool to wake up early.

    16. Getting enthused whenever your copy of Disney Adventures came in the mail.

    Or getting it as a reward for being good while grocery shopping with your parents.

    17. The excitement of walking into your mall's Disney Store and rushing to the back to see what was playing on the big screen.

    Walt Disney Company
    Gilles BASSIGNAC/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

    Hopefully Mom would let you pick out something good ;)

    ...and of course, saving the cool bag to use later:

    Via Facebook: WeChusDisney

    Recycling can be MAGICAL.

    18. Watching the two sequels to Aladdin over and over again on VHS, because they were AMAZING follow-ups (no joke):


    Sorry not sorry.

    19. Cracking open what you thought was the finest literature at the time, complete with ~magical~ sound effects:


    You loved pressing those buttons.

    20. Wishing you were Powerline and jamming out to "Stand Out" and "I-2-I" every time you watched A Goofy Movie:


    The most underrated Disney movie ever TBH.

    21. Although you did get a little grossed out every time Bobby Zimmeruski played with his can of cheese during the movie:

    It almost ruined cheese for you. Almost.

    22. Wondering what YOUR pets would sound like if they talked after watching Homeward Bound:


    23. That moment that shook you to the core when one of your friends told you there might be a "hidden package" on the cover of The Little Mermaid VHS:

    24. Rooting hard AF for Mulan as she trained to become a soldier during the "I'll Make a Man out of You" montage:


    25. Plopping in front of the TV during a sleepover with friends to watch the latest (and instantly classic) DCOM:


    That's Disney Channel Original Movie, DUH!

    26. Watching Toy Story and totally relating to Buzz OR Woody, but not both:

    Disney/ Pixar

    You're either a Woody or Buzz, but not both.

    27. Lining up all of your Disney VHS's perfectly (and of course that sound the cases made when you closed them perfectly):

    28. And finally, the rush of adrenaline you felt when you heard the iconic music and saw the shooting star during the title credits for another Disney movie:


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