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27 Lies People Between The Ages Of 25 And 34 Told Themselves In Their Teen Years

Fact: Inputting new HTML code onto your Myspace page was never fun.

1. That green and purple ketchups were a cool idea.

2. That Axe body spray did a good job of covering sweat odor.

3. That Friends didn't jump the shark with the whole Rachel and Joey dating storyline.

4. That it was worth buying CDs and DVDs at Borders.

5. That A&F Quarterly was the most risqué thing ever.

6. That changing your Myspace layout was fun.

7. That texting or typing like this on AIM looked so cool.

8. That these were so cool and would be a great alternative to getting a real-life dog.

9. That Doritos 3D's tasted better than regular Doritos.

10. That Von Dutch trucker hats were oh so cool and looked good.

11. That you could totally pull off layered polos with popped colors.

12. That RealPlayer was a good way to watch videos.

13. That rating hot people "not hot" on Hot or Not was funny.

14. That Pepsi Blue was the best flavor.

15. That platform flip-flops were dressy and could be worn almost anywhere.

16. That these pencil grips made you write better.

17. That Blink-182 were a bad-ass punk band.

18. That Mango Sours Altoids were the greatest Altoids ever.

19. That you were funny every time you quoted Napoleon Dynamite.

20. That velour tracksuits looked chic AF.

21. That Garden State was a really deep movie.

22. That you were ~edgy~ for wearing all the different-colored jelly wristbands.

23. That self-tanner gave you a natural-tan look.

24. That using a CD label-maker program made your mix CDs look way better.

25. That Lancôme Juicy Tubes were the best lip gloss ever made.

26. That you were such a rebel for wearing sexual-innuendo state T-shirts.

27. And finally, that chunky highlights looked great.