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    25 Things You Probably Forgot About MTV's Beach House 2003

    Ashanti, Mark Wahlberg, Sidekicks, and lots of belly rings.

    1. MTV set up shop in East Quogue, Long Island:

    2. Of course, Carson Daly was on hosting duty:

    3. He rocked this nose ring:

    4. Quddus, LaLa, and Damien Fahey were also on hosting duty:

    5. John Norris was there too and he wore a shirt made from '70s wallpaper:

    6. Carson gave away a Mini Cooper:

    7. Does anyone remember Lillix?

    8. Nick Cannon was there:

    9. Apparently to talk about his sidekick:

    10. Beyoncé performed “Crazy in Love," but she did it from MTV's TRL studio:

    11. Mýa at the peak of her career:

    12. Mark Wahlberg was there, unfortunately to promote The Italian Job and not to announce the reunion of the Funky Bunch:

    13. Ryan Dunn (RIP) and Bam Margera gave away haircuts:

    14. Ashanti looked beautiful:

    15. And she performed "Rock wit U (Awww Baby)":

    16. Mary J. Blige was over it:

    17. And so was Luke Wilson:

    18. Of course Reese Witherspoon was happy, she got the royal treatment:

    19. Dream was just trying to stay relevant:

    20. It's Ashlee Simpson, in case you don't recognize this face:

    21. Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini came on to promote their “cinematic masterpiece” From Justin to Kelly:

    22. But, no one cared about that. It was all about Kelly:

    23. And she delivered by performing "Miss Independent":

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    24. Seann William Scott, Alyson Hannigan, and Jason Biggs had fun while promoting American Wedding:

    25. Some couple decided to get married: