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25 Little Things That Were Very Satisfying To Early-'00s Teens

Back when the simple things in life made you happy.

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1. How good it felt whenever you were finally on your "free minutes" and you knew you could talk as long as you wanted.

2. How satisfying it was to slam your phone shut when you were over a call.

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3. How excited you were whenever you saw a new issue of Teen People in the mail.

Time Inc.

4. Or how excited you got whenever you went into Borders and they had all new magazines out (which you'd of course spend a couple hours reading in the store).

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5. Whenever you were able to read a brand-new Harry Potter book (as soon as it came out) and not have it spoiled for you.

Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images

6. When you and your friends would start quoting Mean Girls, Bring it On, or Napoleon Dynamite and it would just keep going and going.


7. Whenever something shocking would happen at the VMAs and you felt compelled to call or AIM your friends ASAP.

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8. Whenever you'd fit 80 minutes worth of songs perfectly onto a mix CD.

9. Whenever you could fit all the CDs you wanted to carry with you perfectly into your CD organizer.

10. Whenever you'd go an arcade and see the DDR machine empty (just waiting for you to play with it).

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11. Anytime MTV aired an especially hilarious episode of Next or DisMissed.

12. How good it felt to scream all the words to “Hollaback Girl" during school dances.


13. How happy you'd get if they played "Dilemma" whenever you were dancing with your crush.


14. How excited everyone would get as soon as they heard "1, 2, 3/ Uh!"

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15. Whenever you and your family were on the same page about what to rent.

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16. How excited you were any time you saw a new friend request on Myspace.

17. And how happy you'd get if your friends put you in their Top 8.

18. Whenever the Windows Media Player's visualizations would give you a head trip.

19. Whenever you'd log onto AIM and the friend you wanted to talk to was also on.

20. When you'd take the perfect selfies with an I-Zone and it didn't feel like you wasted some expensive AF film.

21. Whenever your favorite artist went on TRL to premiere their new music video.

Scott Gries / Getty Images

22. Whenever your favorite artist appeared on Cribs and it let you peek into their life.


23. Whenever you'd find a cheat code on The Sims that allowed you to basically do whatever you wanted.

24. Whenever you'd find your crushes on LiveJournal or Xanga and it felt like it gave you ~deep~ insight into their lives.


25. And finally, when you'd download an MP3 and it wasn't fake and it was also good quality.

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