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    25 Celebs You Probably Forgot Modeled For The Gap In The Early 2000s

    Warning: There are a lot of boot cut jeans ahead.

    1. Remember when Sarah Jessica Parker was the face of the Gap?

    2. Speaking of Carrie Bradshaw, is that who Jessica Alba is trying to channel on the right?

    3. Kristen Dunst, who brought understated cholita glamour to her photo.

    4. Don Cheadle, who wore this sweater made from an old 1960s couch.

    5. The lovely Brittany Murphy.

    6. Aaron Eckhart giving off some serious early '80s DILF vibes.

    7. While Taryn Manning gave off some serious drifter you pick up on the side of the road vibes.

    8. N.E.R.D.! And, of course, Pharrell had to rock a trucker hat, cause that was the look.

    9. Relaxed fit boot cut cords, modeled by the late Brad Renfro.

    10. Scarlett Johansson who modeled a whole lot of black clothing.

    11. Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane, along with the rest of the cast of The Producers.

    12. Scott Speedman (aka that guy you loooooved from Felicity).

    13. Michael Vartan (aka that guy you loooooved from Alias).

    14. Ashton Kutcher, who I guessing was midway into picking his nose when they snapped this photo.

    15. Y Tu Mamá También's Diego Luna sporting a hoody.

    16. Salma Hayak looks good in anything, even a Canadian Tuxedo.

    17. A pensive Liev Schreiber.

    18. Then-Six Feet Under Star, Peter Krause, wearing what every guy wore on a first date circa 2002: Striped button down and bootcut jeans.

    19. Of course supermodel Shalom Harlow looked lovely.

    20. Norm Reedus looked a lot better for this Gap photo than he did his previous one.

    21. A stunning portrait of the Badu sisters: Nayrok and Erykah.

    22. John Mayer, but more importantly, remember when you used to like him?

    23. Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!'s Josh Duhamel modeled what appears to be a striped bib.

    24. Tom Brady kinda brought a creepy/douchey guy at the bar vibe to his shoot. Check out that popped collar.

    25. And, of course, Madonna tried to convince us she wore Gap clothing.

    But, she did leave us with this memorable commercial:

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