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    22 Pixar Movie Easter Eggs You May Have Seriously Never Noticed

    You will never be able to not notice these hidden gems again.

    1. Toy Story 3

    Look closely, that skull t-shirt wearing garbage man is a grown up Sid from Toy Story.

    2. Up!

    When Carl’s house first takes off, it flies by the window of a little girl in an apartment building, if you look at the toys in the room it includes, the Luxo Ball and Lotso (from Toy Story 3).

    3. Brave

    If you look closely you can see the old witch whittling the Pizza Planet truck.

    4. Finding Nemo

    Buzz Lightyear is among the toys in the dentist’s office.

    5. Ratatouille


    Dug's (from Up!) shadow is clearly visable as he attempts to chase after Remy.

    6. The Incredibles

    Doc Hudson is parked on the street.

    7. WALL-E

    Our favorite neurotic dinosaur, Rex, is part of WALL-E's collection.

    8. Up!


    If you notice in UP!, Carl and Ellie’s car has the exact same white-wall tires that Lighting McQueen receives in Radiator Springs in Cars.

    9. Ratatouille


    Linguini is wearing underwear with The Incredibles' logo on them.

    10. Cars

    Pizza Planet Truck is seen in the crowd.

    11. Finding Nemo

    This kid is reading a The Incredibles comic.

    12. Monsters, Inc.

    Monstro, the whale from Pinocchio, is hanging on a poster.

    13. Brave

    Sulley is in a wood craving in the old witch's house.

    14. Toy Story 2

    The storybook Mrs. Potato Head is reading to the Toddle Tots in is A Bug's Life.

    15. Ratatouille

    The mime in the background is actually Bomb Voyage from The Incredibles.

    16. Toy Story 2

    Heimlich (from A Bugs Life) makes a cameo.

    17. Cars 2

    A "Cars" version of the tapestry from Brave.

    18. Monsters, Inc.

    Boo tries to give Sulley her Nemo toy.

    19. Finding Nemo

    Mike's cameo during the end credits.

    20. WALL-E

    Pizza Planet truck.

    21. Cars 2


    The movie playing at the drive-in, The Incredimobiles.

    22. Toy Story 3


    Andy either knows or is related to Carl and Ellie from Up! This is confirmed by the fact that he has a postcard sent from them on his pin board.