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22 More Disney Movie Easter Eggs You May Have Never Noticed

You'll never miss these magical hidden gems again next time you rewatch these classics.

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3. A copy of Rapunzel sits on the shelf in Charlotte's room in The Princess and the Frog, in reference to Tangled being Disney's next movie.

Disney originally intended to go with Rapunzel as the name for the film, but after The Princess and the Frog did lower-than-expected box office numbers, the studio decided to rename it Tangled, to appeal more to boys.


14. Scat Cat from The Aristocats also appears in Robin Hood.

Although his appearance might have been due more to budgetary constraints on the film, which forced animators to reuse sequences from previous Disney films.

And yes, that's his real name :(


18. In Wreck-It Ralph, two characters from Tangled make cameos: Flynn's horse Maximus, and Vladimir, one of the thugs at the Snuggly Duckling.

21. In Wreck-It Ralph, a small reference to the Paperman -- the animated short that accompanied the film -- can be see during the villains support group scene.

22. So even though Big Hero 6 hasn't been released yet, we have its first Easter egg. The trailer includes a scene where Hans from Frozen is seen in a Wanted poster.


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