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    Updated on May 1, 2020. Posted on May 1, 2020

    22 Celebrity #TBT Photos That Were Shared With Us This Week

    Mark Ruffalo remembering Avengers: Endgame kicks off this week's #ThrowbackThursday!


    1. Mark Ruffalo celebrated the first anniversary of the release of Avengers: Endgame by sharing these photos from the world premiere for it:

    2. Jennifer Lopez posted this clip from her classic 2001 rom-com The Wedding Planner:

    You are enough ... #TheWeddingPlanner #TBT @McConaughey

    3. Paris Hilton shared this photo of herself taken in 1996:

    4. Ice Cube celebrated the 25th anniversary of his iconic film Friday by posting this photo taken for the movie of himself and co-star Chris Tucker:

    5. Luke Evans shared this photo of himself at a wig party in the early '00s:

    6. Danielle Fishel posted this photo of herself on the cover of Twist magazine in 1999:

    7. Marisa Tomei shared this promotional photo, taken in the '80s for Beirut, to promote her benefit live reading of the play:

    8. In honor of Al Pacino's 80th birthday, Michelle Pfeiffer posted this screencap from their 1991 movie Frankie and Johnny:

    9. Halle Berry shared this glam and sexy #TBT:

    10. Shailene Woodley remembered when she appeared in The O.C. in the early '00s:

    11. Hasan Minhaj shared this photo of himself with his family in the early '90s:

    12. Eric Dane posted this photo of himself and Patrick Dempsey social distancing before it was a thing:

    Blurry pic of how to hang out 6 feet apart @PatrickDempsey

    13. Janet Jackson shared this gorgeous photo of herself taken in 1993:

    14. Madonna posted this photo of herself as a teen in the mid-'70s:

    15. Elton John shared this photo of himself on the first day of his US tour in 1974:

    16. John Cleese posted a then vs. now photo of himself and his A Fish Called Wanda co-star Jamie Lee Curtis:

    #tbt Reunited for a wonderful lunch with @jamieleecurtis just over a month ago. 🐟 #afishcalledwanda #thenandnow

    17. Sarah Michelle Gellar shared this late '90s Buffy GIF to sum up her feelings on homeschooling:

    18. Cindy Crawford posted this photo of herself as a teen in the early '80s:

    19. Alfonso Herrera shared this photo of himself at 6 years old in 1990:

    20. Chrissy Metz posted this photo of herself from when she first moved to LA in the early '00s:

    #TBT to my first year in LA Just as bright-eyed and curly-haired as I wanted to be. Make no mistake, I also cried almost every day for the first year too. 😭πŸ€ͺπŸ˜€

    21. In celebration of Judy Reyes being a guest on his and Donald Faison's podcast, Zach Braff shared this Scrubs photo:

    22. And finally, Reese Witherspoon posted this clip of the iconic "bend and snap" scene from Legally Blonde and explained everything that went into making it:

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