21 Pictures That Will Make You Feel Like You’re 99 Years Old

    This will mess with you.

    1. First off, we're closer to 2040 than we are to 1995!

    2. And this fall there will be kids in high school who were born in the year 2004. 2004!!!

    3. Which means they’ve never lived in a world without Mean Girls or The Incredibles.

    4. And, for some of them, there has never been a new episode of Friends in their lifetime.

    5. They've also never lived in a world where Beyoncé wasn't a solo artist...

    6. ...and NSYNC hasn't released a new album during their lifetime.

    7. And, also, you probably own MP3s older than them.

    8. Paris and Nicole first came into our lives 15 years ago on The Simple Life.

    9. The Sims is officially an "adult." It just turned 18 years old.

    10. Also, you've been singing the Krusty Krab Pizza song for almost 20 years (the episode aired in 1999).

    11. You first wanted to be a Power Ranger 25 years ago...

    12. ...which was also when Jurassic Park first hit the big screen.

    13. All the teen stars on this ICONIC cover are now in their thirties.

    14. Kids these days have no idea what Game Boys are…

    15. …and an iPod classic means diddly-squat to them.

    16. They also could never comprehend this struggle.

    17. Everyone's dream phone, the Motorola Razr, is in a MUSEUM.

    18. And guess what? Back to the Future Part II now entirely takes place in the past.

    19. Kids staying home sick from school today probably have NO idea who Bob Barker is… Drew Carey has been hosting The Price Is Right for over a DECADE.

    20. And they'll never know that a hashtag was once known as the pound sign.

    21. And if none of that made you feel old, just remember: