17 Nickelodeon Magazine Covers That Will Take You Back To The '90s

    "Nickelodeon Magazine, PLEASE."

    1. You didn't need to watch the news 'cause you had Zelda Van Gutters the roving reporter.

    2. Joseph Gordon-Levitt was just the little kid from 3rd Rock From the Sun.

    3. These two were the coolest siblings ever:

    4. You thought there really was a Wayouttatown, Oregon.

    5. Nobody was funnier than Tim Allen...

    6. ...well, expect for Jim Carrey!

    7. Val Kilmer was your Batman:

    8. And Alicia Silverstone brought Bat Girl back!

    9. Alex Mack was the coolest girl ever.

    10. Snow days meant all-day cartoon days!

    11. Whitney Houston was a role model.

    12. Drew Barrymore in Ever After was everything!!!

    13. Kel never knew what that night's episode of Kenan & Kel was about.

    14. You were excited about Star Wars: Episode I.

    15. These guys were was the greatest on-screen duo ever:

    16. Leonardo DiCaprio was the ultimate heartthrob.

    17. This was your Britney Spears.

    But all these covers pale in comparison to what will really take you back, which is the Nickelodeon Magazine commercial, of course, because it is the most '90s thing ever:

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