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    Artists Reimagined Pixar Movie Posters And They Truly Capture The Spirit Of The Films

    Worthy of hanging in a museum, IMO.

    It goes without saying that pretty much EVERYBODY loves Pixar.

    And recently Mondo Gallery in Austin Texas asked artists who are fans of the films to reimagine posters as part of its Spirit of Adventure: A Pixar Poster Show exhibit and, honestly, they are true works of art.

    In short, I now 100% want all of these:

    1. Up by Ken Taylor

    2. The Incredibles by Stan & Vince

    3. Incredibles 2 by Francesco Francavilla

    4. A Bug's Life by Phantom City Creative

    5. Finding Nemo by Cesar Moreno

    6. Brave by Greg Ruth

    7. Monsters Inc. by Sara Deck

    8. Coco by Cesar Moreno

    9. Inside Out by Sara Deck

    10. Cars by Cesar Moreno

    11. Ratatouille by Ken Taylor

    12. WALL-E by Rory Kurtz

    13. Toy Story by Phantom City Creative

    14. Toy Story 2 by Tom Whalen

    15. Toy Story 3 by Francesco Francavilla

    The Spirit of Adventure: A Pixar Poster Show runs from Dec. 6–8 at the Mondo Gallery, located at 4115 Guadalupe St. in Austin, Texas. And in case you were wondering, yes, you can buy the prints; but only after the show ends its run (they sell whatever doesn't sell during the run on their website).