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13 Behind-The-Scenes Photos Of Classic Disneyland Rides

These pictures just might change the way you see these attractions.

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1. The pirate ship upon entering the main room.

While on the ride, the pirate ship looks rather big and impressive, as it shoots canons at you. But, as you can see from the photo on the right (taken before the ride's 2006 remodel), the ship is really just hiding the less impressive machinery that runs the animatronics.


6. The ballroom scene.

The spooky ghosts in the ballroom don't look quite as spooky up close (maybe just a tad psychedelic). The photo on the right is actually taken below the track the doom buggy rides on; the ghosts are lit up by lights and reflected onto mirrors in an old illusion trick called Pepper's ghost.


8. The elephant bathing pool scene.

As the photo on the right shows, when the water is drained out of the ride we can see that the elephants aren't really sitting all the way in the water, but instead on their own stools.