33 Cartoon Guys Who Sparked Your Sexual Awakening

    Can you feel the love tonight?

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which cartoon character caused their sexual awakening. Here are their nostalgic crushes.

    1. Aladdin — Aladdin

    "A mischievous street rat with a winning smile. Plus he was practically shirtless the entire movie."

    Submitted by Kwegyirba Croffie, Facebook

    2. Trent Lane — Daria

    The original bad boy you lusted for as a child.

    Submitted by troubleddulcinea

    3. Dimitri — Anastasia

    "Their sexual tension was way too realistic for my adolescent heart to handle!"

    Submitted by Shannon Ri Zen Small, Facebook

    4. Shang — Mulan

    He'll surely make a man (or woman) out of you.

    Submitted by kmhands18

    5. Prince Naveen — The Princess and the Frog

    "In both human AND frog form..."

    Submitted by linneag4b

    6. Kovu — The Lion King 2

    "Something about the bad boy who doesn't care about his reputation, but just wants to be accepted by his family. Super misunderstood!"

    Submitted by Brittany Hamaker, Facebook

    7. Goku — Dragonball-Z

    "His goofy personality matched with his fierce determination and strength — not to mention the way he looked in that training uniform…"

    Submitted by amandap49

    8. Prince Eric — The Little Mermaid

    "Love me some dark-haired cartoon men."

    Submitted by rachelt66

    9. Tuxedo Mask — Sailor Moon

    "The cape, the hat, the ability to strike a rose into cement perfectly each time."

    Submitted by Alex Lopez, Facebook

    10. Howl — Howl's Moving Castle

    "I HAD A CRUSH ON HOWL. DUH. SO HOT. Always in my heart forever. If you’re reading this and you don’t know who he is then go see it NOW. Like, where have you been? Bae is waiting."

    Submitted by gelastyle

    11. Brock — Pokémon

    "He had his own gym, he had a cool Onyx (once my favorite Pokémon, now it's Dratini), he knew how to cook and he was clearly a ladies' man in his own right."

    Submitted by alexisnedd

    12. Cale — Titan A.E.

    "Mostly because he was voiced by Matt Damon. So then when I watched Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (also voiced by Matt Damon), I found myself strangely attracted to a horse. They were confusing times."

    Submitted by Kira Flagstead, Facebook

    13. Peter Pan — Peter Pan

    You can tinker my bell, Peter Pan.

    Submitted by daniellecarmen

    14. Gambit — X-Men

    Let's get X-rated with X-Men.

    Submitted by elizabethg24

    15. Ron Stoppable — Kim Possible

    "I had a MAJOR crush on Ron because he was one of the first characters I ever witnessed that taught me what the 'friend zone' was, but I was on a mission to make that cutie my boyfriend IRL."

    Submitted by annakopsky

    16. Max Goof — A Goofy Movie

    "Max Goof was the kind of guy I always wanted to find. He was sweet, adorkable, and funny. And when he sang that Powerline song? Whoaaa, baby. Hot AF."

    Submitted by staceygrant

    17. Danny Phantom — Danny Phantom

    "Danny Phantom definitively left a mark on me. My 'type' for non-animated is dark hair, blue eyes, on the pale side, and snarky as all get out."

    Submitted by mnm9291

    18. Simon — Alvin and the Chipmunks

    "This is embarrassing. I had a thing for guys in glasses."

    Submitted by Erica Anderson, Facebook

    19. Inuyasha – Inuyasha

    "Call me whatever you want but something about that disgruntled half-demon with cat ears — I know they were technically dog ears but whatever — just got me a mean case of the full-body tingles."

    Submitted by Kate Deer Moose, Facebook

    20. Sinbad — Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas

    "He gives me the feels still, honestly."

    Submitted by shanel4e

    21. Zuko — Avatar: The Last Airbender

    "I had a crush on Zuko, especially when he became good and cut his hair! The misunderstood/sensitive bad boy gets me every time."

    Submitted by gabrielled45

    22. John Smith — Pocahontas

    "That voice! That hair! That bum! I was obsessed."

    Submitted by hannahs4

    23. Ash — Pokémon

    "Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town. I had the most RIDICULOUS crush on him."

    Submitted by writergirl1029

    24. Trunks — Dragonball-Z

    Kamaehamae call me.

    Submitted by Maria Fc, Facebook

    25. Gaston — Beauty and the Beast

    "I think I began the initial stages of puberty about 1.2 seconds after hearing Gaston sing '...and every last inch of me is covered with hair' with the big chest reveal!"

    Submitted by Seth Traver, Facebook

    26. Tarzan — Tarzan

    "The first cartoon crush was definitely Tarzan. I think the fact that the entire soundtrack was Phil Collins made me fall in love with him as well."

    Submitted by Ava Greene, Facebook

    27. Johnny Bravo — Johnny Bravo.

    "Whoa, mama."

    Submitted by ashn4b59d5db6

    28. Jim Hawkins — Treasure Planet

    Those eyes just pierce into your soul.

    Submitted by emilyp43418793e

    29. Flynn Rider — Tangled

    "The smolder, the satchel, the hair... oh yeah."

    Submitted by summers47

    30. Robin Hood — Robin Hood

    "He was a real fox. ;)"

    Submitted by Celina Flores, Facebook

    31. Hercules — Hercules

    ♫ No chance, no way, I won't say I'm in love. ♫

    Submitted by avynw

    32. Prince Adam (Beast) — Beauty and the Beast

    "When the newly transformed Prince Adam of Beauty and the Beast picked himself up off the ground and spun around into a beam of impeccably timed dramatic lighting my little 4-year-old heart just stopped."

    Submitted by Shaina Higgins, Facebook

    33. And of course Simba — The Lion King

    Admit it. You TOTALLY had a crush on Simba too.

    Submitted by maddyg41f32136f

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