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22 Things You Probably Didn't Know About "Orange Is The New Black"

Did you know that the original Piper Chapman is in the opening credits?

1. The images in the opening credits are of real prisoners.


You can even catch a glimpse of Piper Kerman, the author of the book the show is based on and the inspiration for the character Piper Chapman. (That's her right there.)

2. In every scene where Piper is on the phone, it's always the same woman crying on the phone behind her.


This could be because Piper and that woman were given the same phone schedule slots by the prison officials, or it could just be that shooting all those phone scenes one after the other was just a little easier for the production company.

3. Not one character has appeared in every single episode.


4. One of the show's filming locations is on Orangeburg Road, and in the hamlet of Orangeburg, in the town of Orangetown.

Google Maps

5. Lauren Morelli, one of the show's writers, divorced her husband of two years and started a relationship with Samira Wiley, who plays Poussey.

whododatlikedat / Via

6. In real life, Dascha Polanco is only two years younger than Elizabeth Rodriguez.


They play Dayanara and Aleida Diaz, who are mother and daughter on the show.

7. The name of each episode is said at least once in the dialogue of that particular episode.

Business Insider / Via

8. Crazy Eyes was originally only meant to appear in the first few episodes...


But the producers and writers loved her character so much that they decided to give her a recurring part.

9. In the book, Red is called "Pop", and Taystee is "Delicious".


10. In Season 1, Episode 10, Larry can be seen watching Weeds.


Another series created and written by Jenji Kohan.

11. Laura Prepon auditioned for the role of Piper Chapman.


12. Red and Piper previously appeared together in the series Mercy.

Universal Media Studios

They played a mother and daughter.

13. Pablo ~Pornstache~ Schreiber is Liev Schreiber's half-brother.

Brad Barket / Getty Images

14. Most of the exterior scenes are filmed at an abandoned psychiatric hospital in New York.

Samantha Gardella / Via

15. Natasha Lyonne, Constance Shulman, and Lorraine Toussaint all share a birthday: April 4.


They play Nicky, Yoga Jones, and Vee in the series.

16. Jason Biggs and Natasha Lyonne were both in the movie American Pie.

Universal Pictures

Along with Deborah Rush, who plays Carol Chapman, Piper's mom.

17. The scar on Natasha Lyonne's chest, caused by an infection from an overdose, is real.


18. Laura Prepon (Alex) and Lauren Lapkus (Officer Fischer) starred in the series Are You There, Chelsea? together.

4 to 6 Foot Productions

19. At one point in the series, Nicky says to Red, "I thought I was like your Spock"...

Cbs Photo Archive / Getty Images

...which may be a reference to Kate Mulgrew's role on Star Trek: Voyager.

(Red has never heard of him.)


20. M. Lamar, Laverne Cox's twin brother, played Sophia before her transition.

Netflix / Via

21. Here's the real Piper and Larry.

Piper / Via Twitter: @Piper

22. Many of the actors from Orange Is the New Black have made an appearance on at least one episode of Law and Order.


(But, let's be honest, most New York actors have appeared on Law and Order at least once.)

And when we say "many", we're not exaggerating.


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