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May 5, 2017

16 Movie Deaths That Went Straight To Your Heart

WARNING: Contains spoilers and tears. Many, many tears.

1. From one to 30,000,000, how much did you cry when Ellie Fredricksen died in Up?

Walt Disney Pictures

Maybe you're still crying...

2. Ocean. Of. Tears, thanks to Bing Bong in Inside Out.


3. There are some films that were made with the simple intention of destroying the viewer. Marley & Me is one of these.

20th Century Fox

4. The death of Jack Dawson broke your heart in two.

20th Century Fox

Ugh and we all know that he totally could have fit, too.

5. Artax didn't have to die in The NeverEnding Story. There was no need to scar an entire generation like that.

Warner Bros Pictures

6. Seriously, can you think of a sadder moment in your childhood than Mufasa's death?


No, you can't :(

7. And now that we're talking about classic traumas, what about the death of Bambi's mom?


Or when Dumbo could only see his mom through the bars?

  1. 8. Which of these deaths hurt the most?

    Which of these deaths hurt the most?

    With special mention for Hedwig, Lupin, Tonks, James, Lilly, the unicorns, Colin... :'(

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8. Which of these deaths hurt the most?
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9. Everything Guido does to keep his son from knowing what is going to happen in Life is Beautiful... :'( :'( :'(


10. Hazel (and you) when Augustus dies :(

20th Century Fox

11. When it comes to death, Susan Sarandon in Stepmom steps it up a notch.

Columbia Pictures

It's not okay, nothing is okay.

12. Oh, and when Beth dies in Little Women. :(

Columbia Pictures

13. Did you not care when Jamie died in A Walk to Remember? Or did your heart break forever?

Warner Bros

14. When Harry sacrifices himself in Armageddon it is DEVASTATING.

Buena Vista

15. Nothing says "true love" like dying at the same time as your soulmate.

New Line Cinema

Like Noah and Allie in The Notebook <3.

16. We still get goosebumps when we remember this scene in The Green Mile.

Warner Bros. Pictures

Don't act like you don't get them too.

This post was translated from Spanish.

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