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What Is Taking Probiotics Really Like?

Probiotics have been a buzzword in the health and wellness arena for a while now. Are they all they’re cracked up to be? Read on to explore the facts, the whys and whether they’re right for you!

betsyjade 2 years ago

Are You A Bad Mom? 5 Laughable Moments Moms Judge Other Moms

Every mother works hard in their own way and wants to be the best mother for their child. However, some mothers think they’re doing a better job at it than others and feel the need to throw unnecessary shade. In the movie Bad Moms, starring Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, and Kathryn Hahn, three mothers are done with the shade throwing and decide to get even and have some mom fun.

betsyjade 3 years ago

Warning: FDA Releases Alarming Claims About Hand Sanitizers

Could the gel hand sanitizer you know and trust be harmful to you and your loved ones health? Recently the Food and Drug Administration came forward with new studies about how antiseptic gels can be hurting us more than they are helping us.

betsyjade 3 years ago

5 Summer Beauty Essentials To Obsess Over

The beloved season of summer is here whether you’re ready to believe it or not. We’re half way through the year, it is blazing hot outside and yet there is an overwhelming feeling of freedom and bliss that everyone experiences even if you’re enjoying it from your office window. Most people are gearing up for weekends at the beach, which come with sandy feet and salty hair.

betsyjade 3 years ago