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    The 20 Biggest Movies Of 2015 According To Tumblr

    There are some surprises. H/T Year in Review.

    The movies included in this list were the most reblogged in 2015. Therefore some of them had earlier release dates.

    20. How To Train Your Dragon


    There is literally no explanation for this. Maybe it's because the programme went up on Netflix. Maybe it's because people really, really like dragons. Who knows?

    19. Paper Towns

    20th Century Fox

    John Green books have proven very ~Tumblr~ in the past so it's no surprise Paper Towns is one of the most reblogged movies of the year. When in need, Tumblr can provide you with one of the many deeeeeep quotes that you can apply to your own life.

    18. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2


    The reason The Hunger Games movies are huge on Tumblr is probably because of the "I VOLUNTEER" meme. In 2015, the franchise ended and we cried real tears, mostly because no more Peeta and Gale, but also Katniss.

    17. Jurassic Park


    A theme park populated with dinosaurs. Well done humans, great idea, absolutely genius.

    16. Kingsman: The Secret Service

    20th Century Fox

    A movie about spies but not James Bond? Who knew that even existed? The most important part of this movie is probably Colin Firth looking all kinds of nerd-spy handsome.

    15. Ant-Man


    An ant superhero. Yes, this is actually a thing and Tumblr seems to dig it. The only reason this is probably allowed to fly is because of Paul Rudd and his amazing acting skills (also face).

    14. Guardians of the Galaxy


    As well as there being a superhero that shrinks to the size of an ant, there is also a racoon that is ready to protect the universe. Have movies just run out of human heroes?

    13. Inside Out


    THE ABSOLUTE JOY OF THIS MOVIE. People are probably just having kids now so they they don't have to the be weird adult going to see a kids' movie.

    12. The Maze Runner

    20th Century Fox

    Another young adult dystopian where war and battle is nigh. They do get kind of the same after a while, but Tumblr obviously likes this one.

    11. Back to the Future


    In the '80s, Back to the Future predicted hoverboards and Nike trainers that tied their own laces. Instead we got Netflix and chill. We also got Tumblr though, so it's swings and roundabouts.

    10. Frozen


    Let it go. No really, let it the fuck go.

    9. Jurassic World


    Humans have never had much in the way of common sense, and they obviously didn't learn anything from 1993 when they first decided to open a theme park full of dinosaurs. The Shamu type sea dino was pretty cool though.

    8. Star Wars

    20th Century Fox

    This probably has something to do with the new Star Wars movie coming out. Or it could just be the pretty coloured lightsabers. Probably the latter, Tumblr likes pretty things.

    7. Mad Max: Fury Road

    Warner Bros

    At first you might be baffled that Mad Max is in the top 10 of most reblogged movies in 2015. Then you remember Tom Hardy and suddenly you can't stop reblogging.

    6. The Hobbit

    Warner Bros

    There are dwarves and wizards and dragons; literally what more do you want?

    5. Lord of the Rings

    New Line Cinema

    Basically a lot of fuss about a ring, but Tumblr likes jewellery so that's probably why.

    4. Big Hero 6


    A giant inflatable robot, that's pretty cool. Especially when it offers out hugs. We all need love and affection now and then.

    3. Fifty Shades of Grey


    There were a lot of wet seats in the cinema when Fifty Shades came out, and that had absolutely nothing to do with Jamie Dornan walking about like a chiselled god with whips and stuff.

    2. Captain America: Civil War


    Chis Evans is truly a gift from the heavens, especially when he's being all superhero and macho. Those muscles in that outfit WOOO, may the Lord grant us mercy.

    1. The Avengers: Age of Ultron


    What's better than one Chris? Two, of course. Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth; 2015 you have done everybody proud.

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