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    17 Things That Are Totally Normal In YA Novels, But Would Be Super Weird In Real Life

    Still wondering why every guy smells like pine.

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    Hi, my name is Kelly, and I'm a bookworm! One of my absolute favorite genres is young adult, aka YA. I may be 24, but I still adore these coming-of-age stories just as much as I did as a teen. In fact, I think I appreciate them even more now!

    Part of the fun of reading a good book is forgetting all about reality and getting lost in the story for a bit.

    Sam from iCarly reading: "These things are great! It's like TV in your head!"

    However, I think we can all agree that there are a lot of common tropes in YA books that would be a little strange in real life.

    Here are 17 things that are totally normal in YA novels, but would be super weird in real life:

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    1. First, literally everyone just not having parents.

    2. If parents are in the picture, they're always conveniently out of town or weirdly super chill about house parties.

    3. Your entire friend group not changing at all since kindergarten.

    Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

    4. Finding out your crush is actually a vampire, witch, werewolf, etc.

    Edward revealing to Bella that he's a vampire in Twilight

    5. A group of teenagers casually leading a revolution.

    Dumbledore's Army in Harry Potter

    6. All the boys at school inexplicably smelling like pine.

    pine tree forest

    7. Solving high-profile murder cases before homeroom.

    8. Constantly finding yourself at the center of love triangles between two incredibly attractive people who are both in love with you.

    Marco and Noah in the Kissing Booth 2

    9. Random objects being used as metaphors to make absurdly pretentious points.

    10. Going to a party and sitting on the couch with a book just to prove you're ~different.~

    Rory reading on Gilmore Girls

    11. Finding out your family has a huge, life-changing secret that explains everything.

    12. Locking eyes with a stranger and just instantly knowing they're the one.

    13. Fake dating. Just in general.

    14. Just spontaneously running away and starting a new life.

    15. Discovering you're the "chosen one."

    16. Chopping all of your hair off every time you're feeling kinda angsty.

    Jeanette from Cruel Summer

    17. And finally...pausing and taking a deep breath every two seconds.

    What are some YA tropes that you think would be super weird in real life? Tell us in the comments!

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